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Extraordinary relationships don’t just “happen” when you meet the right partner. Developing the juicy, flourishing, mind-blowing ones – that keep growing and evolving – takes creativity, courage, mad skills and a big dollop of humour.


If you are fed up with formulaic and wishing for vital information you wont find anywhere else, broken down and distilled into simple, easy-to-understand steps, the tooth fairy came early this year, my friend.


I’m so glad you found me and Love 3.0! Welcome to the pleasurable path to amazing relationships. Welcome to ancient wisdom retro-fit to our modern times. Welcome to the essential recipes that must guide our crafting of strong, sweet and sustainable partnerships.


But back to Earth for a second. In case you haven’t noticed (but I suspect you have), relationships don’t have a very good track record.


Does any of this sound familiar? (the stuff you’re thinking this at 4:00am when you should be asleep):

*  You so often lose yourself in the relationship, your self-esteem gets easily trashed, and you settle for crumbs when you should have a full plate.

* You wonder, what did I get myself into? It’s no longer going uphill. We love each other, but quite frankly it’s boring. Did I make a mistake? Did I pick the wrong person?

* You bump in to the same patterns over and over again, and you’re wondering, is it me? Is it them? Should I just swear off of this whole love thing for good?

* You find yourself in an impasse, no way through the rock, no way past the hard place. Your efforts to make it better only end up digging you deeper. (there has to be an easier way!)

* You want to do relationships differently, but not mess up what you have. (And quite frankly, you’re not exactly sure what that different way would be). You do know, however, that you want an alternative to cycle of stagnation, miscommunication, cheating, and making each other miserable that you’ve been handed down from generations past.


If you are anything like the women (and their partners) I work with, you instinctively get that the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach is an affront to your intelligence, creativity and uniqueness. You’re a modern woman, your life is non-traditional; it’s time your relationship caught up.

You want to:

*  Love yourself first. (sure, but what does that really mean?) Get some real-life guidelines so you can live your real-life answers, beyond Cosmo. Warning: prepare to get unshakably sexy, comfortable in your own skin, and a boat-load of crazy-assed confidence to boot.

* Know what it takes to make a relationship actually work – and that it’s humanly possible. Make sense of the puzzling paradox of love, sex and commitment in modern times. Design and live the type of relationship that works for you, a relationship you are proud of.

* Find (and wield!) the source of your joy and your satisfaction. Learn the precise recipe for how to put your own oxygen mask on first. Know in your bones when you are with the right person. Connect deeply to your inner guidance and intuition – and take your fanny for a twirl!

* Turn fizzling into sizzling! Get back the ability to look into each other’s eyes and feel the zing of love, the soul-to-soul connection. Communicate with ease, grace and some humour. Deepen your connection in every area, and have that permeate your love-making. Restore your hope in each other and in lasting love.

* Change your relationship destiny. Step out of your puzzling, painful patterns and relationship ruts (ugh, we know what more of the same will get you!) and get the road-map to extraordinary, juicy, flourishing, satisfying, sustainable relationships – that keep on growing and evolving.


There’s no one right way to do it, or we’d all have great relationships, right? Love 3.0 offers you the guidance, the skills, the how’s and the tools to find YOUR right way.


I’ve assembled the knowledge, tools, practices and skills for lasting change that you will not find anywhere else, broken down and distilled into simple, easy-to-understand steps (that work in real-life).

It’s a bold, fresh, sexy approach; a choose-your-own-adventure guide.


*  Reignite your embers into sparks and into sizzle.

*  Redefine what love, commitment, freedom and intimacy are for you.

*  Redesign your relationships to withstand the pressures of the 21st Century.

Welcome home.

And now?
Well, might you be experiencing Blandification? Superwomanitis? Impassification? For each of your hankerings for juicy, sweet and strong relationships, there is a recipe; for every ailing, failing or fizzling relationship, there is an ingredient list to whip it into shape.


For a Dr. Ruthless Remedy for your unique malady, run, don’t walk to Recipes.