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“What is to give light, must endure burning.” –Viktor Frankl

200458998-001Chance are, if you are reading this, you have a light within you that simply must shine in the world. Maybe it already is, through your work, your parenting, your volunteering, your loving. Maybe it is smoldering inside, not yet shining its way out of you into the world, through your doings and your beings. Maybe your light is painfully hidden away, and you are not sure if it is you or it that is crying to dance out of captivity.

Perhaps we shrink away from being our unique brand of light in the world because then we’d be seen, then we’d be powerful. Or maybe it’s because it requires burning away of layers and the sloughing off of important pieces. The terrain is tough, biting our own way out of our cocoons to butterfly-hood. Maybe we shrink because it’s hard and painful and we’d rather go have a beer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t go away. It burns in your chest. It sings and cries to be let out. It carries you along, oft unwillingly and unwittingly into the family of life.

This week,

If you sing, sing loud.
If you’re making big deals happen, do it with beaming love.
If you’re sitting next to an old man on the subway, consider it two angels sharing a seat.

This week, give voice to your burning. Give voice to your light.

If you don’t know already what this would mean for you, take a second to write your comment below and connect with other burners. How do you burn? What’s your light?

Enjoy the week,


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