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Sexploration With Monika

Want to hear what I have to say about the War of the Sexes?

Tune in tomorrow, Friday, April 16, 2010
9:00 – 10:00pm Pacific time
FCC Free Radio 107.3fm in San Francisco


Sexploration with Monika
(a sex-positive feminist radio talk show … that’s also masculinist, queer-ist, pro-poly, and pantheistic)


“Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun.”


Fridays 8-10pm PST on
FCC Free Radio 107.3fm in San Francisco
Or listen live, streaming via their website:


Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

* Are we bred to have dysfunctional relationships?
* What do men really want from women?
* What do women really want from men?
* What are some strategies to break out of these bad relationship patterns?
* What’ is the single-most important “ingredient” in relationships, without which it is doomed, but with which it will flourish?
* What about people for whom gender roles aren’t black and white, but more gray and flexible?
* What are the three main ways women push men away without even knowing it? (and how to get them back on your side).
* What are the three biggest mistakes men make with women? (and how to change them good).


I hope you’ll join me.  We’re going to peer over the fence at what’s possible on the other side of the War of the Sexes.

And even if you’ll miss this juicy interview, leave a comment below about YOUR experience with the War of the Sexes!

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