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The Power of Eye Contact

How Eye Contact Can Help You Attract Your One and Deepen Love and Intimacy

eyecontactAfter working hard on it for nearly two years, my good friend Michael Ellsberg’s first book is about to come out from HarperCollins.

Michael’s book is called The Power of Eye Contact: Your Secret for Success in Business, Love and Life, and it’s the first-ever book to teach you how to use this most potent and mysterious force — eye contact — to have a more exciting, adventurous, and sexy social life.

We all know the eyes are one of your most powerful tools for communicating — on a date, with your loved ones, with your coworkers and your boss, at a job interview or a sales presentation, with your clients and customers, and women, with that cute guy at the party!

This is the first book that teaches you in-depth how to use your eyes and eye contact for maximum attraction, sizzle, and charm in all these circumstances.

To celebrate the launch, we’re hosting together a free teleclass next week, “How Eye Contact Can Help You Attract Your Soul Mate and Deepen Your Love and Intimacy”. This class is primarily aimed at the ladies on this list, but guys are also welcome to check it out!

This is going to be a blast — the first time Michael and I have taught together — and we’re going to pack a ton of amazing content on there (see below for more details.)

The class is totally free, whether you buy the book or not. However, it would really mean a lot to me personally if, as a member of this list, you’d consider pre-ordering the book today via this link here:

You’ll be supporting the success of one of my friend’s biggest life-long dreams, his first published book. It’s a bit under $10 on Amazon, just over the price of a halfway-decent lipstick. And I promise you, this book will have much bigger impact on your life than lipgloss  — it could change your life forever.

Michael has also been my personal book angel, helping me with how to take the publishing world by storm for my own forthcoming book, so he is quite dear to me.

And, whether you buy his book or not, we look forward to seeing you on the call!

FREE CLASS: How Eye Contact Can Help You Attract Your ONE And Deepen Your Love and Intimacy

WHAT: FR*EE Tele-Class!
WHEN: Wednesday, April 7th, 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific
WHERE: Your phone
WHO: YO’ SEXY SELF! And Michael Ellsberg, author & Relationship
Expert, LiYana Silver
WHY: Because getting sexy has never been this easy!

HOW: To get your fr*ee dial-in number and access code for the call, simply use this link (scroll down to the bottom to sign up):

You will learn:

* A single eye contact secret that will have tons of cute guys coming up and talking to you within minutes, anytime, anywhere

* A simple technique that will allow you to become world-class at eye contact, within weeks, if not days, with hardly an effort

* How to use eye contact to make your sex sizzle – tonight!

* How to get your man to look you deeply in your eyes in that sexy, seductive way that makes you melt

* How to use your eyes to become the most magnetic woman in the room – whether it’s a party, a dinner, or a business meeting

* The three biggest eye contact mistakes you’re probably making right now that kills your attraction

** PLUS, we’ll be answering YOUR questions on the call!

(If you can’t make the call, don’t worry, sign up anyway and I’ll be sure to send you the recording!)

That link, again, to sign up for our fr*ee tele-class:

And that link, again, to pre-order Michael’s book:



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