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Change Your Relationship Destiny (San Diego)

I’m just about to get on a plane to head down to balmy San
Diego, and wondering if you’ll be joining me this Sunday …

I also wonder …

If you could turn the dial of your certainty in lasting love,
would you turn it?

If there was a formula for shifting painful patterns, elegantly
and respectfully, would you want to experience it?

If there were three keys that could completely change your
relationship destiny, would you want them placed in the palm
of your hand?

On Sunday, June 13th, my colleague Matthew Blom and I will
be joyously offering you all that – and more!

It’s all here:

Change Your Relationship Destiny
The Three Keys to Lasting Love

Sunday, June 13, 2010
12:00 – 6:00pm
San Diego area, CA

(For both women and men, in partnership or out)

What’s in store for you?

Read below – or use this link to watch the video!

You will experience:

* How painful patterns are formed, and the three keys for
shifting them (right at the workshop!)

* The #1 element, without which all relationships fizzle,
but with which they thrive

* How to be seen, heard and appreciated by your partner –
and maintain that on-goingly

* That some of your problems may not actually belong to

* Knowing that lasting love is humanly possible

* How to communicate in ways that bring you closer, rather
than dig you deeper into conflict

* Experience the formula for untangling painful patterns,
updating your emotional inheritance & creating lasting

Space is extremely limited – and there are only a few spaces

So do act quickly!

And in case you’re wondering if I sprung out of the head of
Zeus a relationship innovator, the answer is a big, fat NO.

I truly messed up every single relationship before the one I
am in now.  Really. Lying, cheating, shaming, blaming, getting
bored – I did it just about every way but right.

Over the years, I started asking, is it me? Is it them? Why was
I so stuck in a rut, destined to painful, short-lived

Fast forward 10 years, and I’ve learned a thing or two – or
actually three – that I’ve gathered together in one workshop.

These are the three keys that allowed me to create the
relationship I am in now – seven years strong and sizzling,
with our marriage in a couple months!

These are the three keys that allow me to communicate
with grace and ease, to deeply appreciate my partner and
myself – and to course-correct when I get challenged.

These are the three keys that give me the certainty that
lasting love is, absolutely, humanly possible.

That link again, to claim your space and Change Your
Relationship Destiny this Sunday, June 13:

I look forward to seeing you there,



LiYana Silver
Relationship Expert and Coach


Love 3.0 & Redefining Monogamy

2171 Union Street
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA

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