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I gave up friends, sleep and se*x for this?

Have you ever given up something NOW in order for something great LATER?

Over the past two months, I’ve given up a LOT.

It started with friends and social stuff. I needed to focus heavily on an important, juicy project at hand. I told them all I loved them, but I’d see them in 3 months.

Then, when my task list got longer and more complex, I started to eat less home-cooked, clean food and more take-out and toast.

Next, I lowered my standards of exercise from daily yoga and dance to moving only from the wrists down on my keyboard.

Sleep was the next best thing I could think of to sacrifice to the project gods. They took it willingly.

Then, se*x moved into the quickie category … and then into the none-ie category. (TMI? Sorry!)

Over the last couple of days, I considered giving up pee-ing (it’s such a chore to get up and walk down the hallway!), but I reconsiderd that one. (More TMI? Oh, well, get used to it!)

Luckily, I’ve got a lot “in reserve” to handle an insane crunch time like this.

Over the years (and getting healthy after a history of eating disorders), I’ve learned how to eat really well and cleanly for my body.

I also learned how to patient and organized, even when life feels like a game of frogger. (I’d be the frog, by the way).

After messing up every relationship I was in (and then spending over 10 years becoming a relationship coach and expert) my partner and I have developed a strong, sweet partnership that we know how to get back on track, when life derails us.

And I might be stressed for a time period, but my intuition and inner light is never out of my reach.

How did I learn stay healthy and gracious under pressure? And what’s this project I gave up so much for?

The answer is sweet. Check it out here:

And, I also want to tell you the easiest thing I did to keep sanity in this insane time.

I breathed. A lot. Whenever I could remember to.

Like right now, check in; can you take a big, cleansing, sweet breath? Do it again. A big one.

Your cells will get brighter and for a moment, you’ll find your center and re-connect with who you ARE.

Breathing. Respiration. It’s what separates life from death.

The word, “respiration” is a sister to the word, “inspiration.” In = take in; spire = spirit or breath. So, go, take in some breath. Take in some spirit.

And of course, please do tell me how it goes!

To you,


PS: Oh, and if you want to see the fruit of my painful labors, it’s all here:

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