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When I was little, my dad could never keep our toothbrushes straight.

So as not to keep using mine or my mom’s, he created a color-coding system.  Red for Roland (my dad), Blue for Beverly (my mom) and Yellow for LiYana (that’s me).

OK, yellow for LiYana was a stretch, but they didn’t make Lavender toothbrushes in 1979.

And the color coding system stuck, and went for things other than dental care, like jackets, pens, folders, etc.

My wonderful father passed away almost two years ago.  About 10 days ago, on Father’s day, I picked my head up out of my computer  (buried as I was in the details of an all-consuming launch), because I realized I couldn’t call him to say hi and acknowledge him for his fathering. And I missed him.

One of my coaches suggested (and please use this if it resonates with you!) that I find a sign or object for my father to let his presence be known, even that’s he’s passed. So, every time I see Red (like a bird or a valentine or lipgloss), I think of him.

It felt a little funny to be working away on a Sunday AND on Father’s Day, but this launch must go on. No turning back and all that.

Hard or as much as I work, it’s vital to me that each thing I do, whether a client session, an email, or even mundane details, be done with Love.  Love and care and good ju-ju, it all gets in there.  You can feel it.

And so it felt like a mini omen to get an email from my mom, later that Father’s day, telling me some things she remembered about her beloved husband of nearly 40 years. She signed her email, “Red for Roland, Blue for Beverly and Love for LiYana.”

Well, Dad, thanks for showing up in things like cardinals, fire engine lipstick, and my favorite crimson shirt. And, Mom, I guess instead of Yellow, it’ll be Love for LiYana from now on.

What, after all, is the color of Love?

If you want to take another peek at this launch I’ve put so much Love into, you can Love it up here:

“Love is all around you like the air, and is the very breath of  your being.” ~ Barry Long

To Love, LiYana

PS: If you are moved to, send this on to other women who might like a little more love and radiance!

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