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with LiYana Silver

The 5 Secrets to becoming the happy, sexy woman your dream guy wishes he could meet!


• Feeling like you always have to choose between YOU and a relationship?
• Longing to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin?

• Wondering if all the good men are already taken?
• Do your efforts to solve your issues only dig you deeper into “stupid” fights?
• Having those sneaky doubts that love might just pass you by?
• Want the 5 simple secrets to becoming the happy, sexy woman your dream guy wishes he could meet?

I’m delighted to introduce …

Get S.A.S.S.Y.

The 5 Secrets to becoming the happy, sexy woman your dream guy wishes he could meet!


… my just-for-woman 5-part tele-series

For women, in relationship or out, this will hand you the keys to an extraordinary relationship life, where you – and it – keeps getting better and better and better.


In this 5-week tele-course, you can expect to find and wield:

• The skills to turn an impasse into intimacy, in an instant
• The precise recipe for putting your own oxygen mask on
first (which ups your attractiveness by leaps and bounds!)
• The 3 vital keys to feeling confident and comfortable in your
own skin (those women who “glow”? this is what they know)
• The daily recipes for a loving relationship with yourself
• Your Internal Compass, the source of your joy, satisfaction,
inner guidance, intuition, clear deciscion-making abilities.
• Elegant communication skills – ease, grace and some humour,
• The tools to deepen your connection in every area, and have
that permeate your sensual life
• Restore your hope in lasting love!


Why SASSY? S. A. S. S.Y. … each one is one of the five secrets!

S . . . Stop War of Sexes (Week #1)

Discover what men really want from women (it’s not what you think); and how giving it to him is the best thing you can do for yourself
• Regain your deep respect for men, the zing of love and the soul-to-soul connection
• Get a lighter heart, and a look at true, lasting partnership.



A . . . Appreciation (Week #2)

Learn how to move from impasse to intimacy in an instant
• Get everything you want from men, in a way where he’s inspired to give it
• Set the foundation for resolving tough conflicts with ease



S . . . Self-Awareness: (Week #3)

• Learn what stands in your way of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction – and move it gently aside
• Practice a simple method for turning down the mean, catty voices in your head (yes, we all have them)
• Answer the question once and for all, “Is it him or is it me?” and expect a surge of energy as you reclaim a big dose of your lost power


S . . . Self-Care (Week #4)

• Those women who glow and are irresistibly attractive? This is how you become one!
• The precise recipe that sets you at your very best (how much, how often, where, when and with whom)
• Watch out for the strange side effects of increased confidence, certainty and getting comfortable in your own skin



Y . . . Your Inner Guidance System (Week #5)

Find the source of your unshakable happiness, sassiness and fulfillment
• Know in your bones when you are with the right person
• Never again have to choose between yourself (or your freedom, or your creativity or your self-expression) and the relationship
• Discover and use the Principles of Feminine power to attract and receive your desires



Over 5 weeks, I’ll walk you (and a passionate, powerful group of women) through the 5 secrets. You’ll learn, you’ll practice and you’ll integrate, so the secrets are yours for your lifetime.

So, that’s 5 tele-classes, once a week, 1.5 hours each class. You’ll get simple exercises after each class to fully integrate all you are learning. PLUS: Bonus Q+A class, just to get all your questions answered.

Can’t make a class live? Don’t worry – it will all be recorded for you to catch up easily.


Now that I’m a newly divorced mom of a toddler and thinking about relationships again someday, I’ve got the tools to be the woman I want to be for my son, my family, my business and someday for a lover. I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.

~ Megan Franzen, Mom & Health Counselor, New York


“LiYana helped shed 
light on dark corners and merry go rounds that all my years of 
therapy didn’t enlighten or allow me to get off the endless 
circling. And he just asked me to marry him!

~ Elizabeth D’Agostino, Nonprofit Consultant, New York


“Working with LiYana is like working with a sure thing!”

~ Kelly Drury, Entrepreneur, New York




Tuesday, October 5
Tuesday, October 12
Tuesday, October 19
Monday, October 25
Monday, November 1 (Special bonus Q&A call)
Tuesday, November 2

5:15-6:45pm Pacific time / 8:15 – 9:45pm Eastern time

What if
you do everything, show up fully, try it all 100% and you don’t make astounding progress? Don’t worry, I always offer a money-back guarantee.


So … which will it be for you?

Option #1: The Get SASSY 5-Part Tele-Series


Get SASSY 5-Part Tele-Series plus bonus Q&A call
Bonus #1: Gift for Your Girlfriend: she gets it, at your price.
Bonus #2: Appreciation Mini-Bootcamp.

Regularly $495

$395 Fast Action Scholarship for the first 22 people (or until end of day, September 19,which ever is first)!

“I’m ready to Get SASSY!”

Click here to register for Option 1, get your discount and collect your bonuses!

Click here if you’d like to pay in 2-installments of $255 and collect your bonuses (no discount with this option).


Option #2: The Get SASSY and Change Your Relationship Destiny Package

Is it time to step out of your relationship ruts once and for all? (ugh, we know what more of the same will get you!)

Add exquisite private support to get to the source of your painful patterns so they never come back.


Get SASSY 5-Part Tele-Series plus bonus Q&A call
3 in-depth sessions with LiYana (one-on-one, or with your partner)
Bonus #1: Gift for Your Girlfriend: she gets it, at your price
Bonus #2: Appreciation Mini-Bootcamp

Regularly $1295

$995 Fast Action Scholarship for the first 11 people (or until end of day, September 19,which ever is first)!

“I’ll take The Works, please!”

Click here to register for Option 2, get your discount, set up your sessions and collect your bonuses!

Click here if you’d like to pay in 2-installments of $655 and collect your bonuses (no discounts with this option).


I can’t wait to get started with you on your path to your birthright: sweet confidence, compelling radiance and an epic relationship – with yourself first!

To your sassy, saucy self,



Questions? Email LiYana: liyana (at) love3point0 (dot) com or Contact LiYana here.


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How can we expect to have a great relationship with another without one with ourselves first?

A couple weeks ago, I sat in my living room, talking intensely with my husband. I forget what about, actually. Without meaning to be unkind, he laid some kind of truth on me, and up came some very strong emotions in me.

Shame. Feeling like a victim. Self-pity. Despair.

My first reaction was, “If I feel this, I’ll die.” Followed by, “OK, what if I fall into you, rather than resist?”

I prepared myself for a long ride. I pictured myself flinging myself on the bed, crying for days, fully feeling the breadth and depth. I opened into the strong emotion when usually I would have clamped down, closed, denied and resisted.

And yes, a flood came. It burnt and seared, tore and scratched. I breathed, relaxed, did my best to just not flex and tense up it as it came.

And 3 minutes later it left.

Huh? I had prepared for 3 hours, 3 days, but 3 minutes?

A friend of mine told me that researchers say the life-span of an emotion is 90 seconds – if we don’t “feed” it with our resistance, judgment, denial, etc. Who knew?

I can’t promise similar brevity, to you, or even to me next time, but I took the lesson to heart:

“Practicing love often means feeling through fear: intentionally opening yourself when you would rather close down, giving yourself when you would rather hide. Love means recognizing yourself as the open fullness of this moment regardless of its contents — trenchant thoughts, enchanting pleasures, heavy emotions, or gnawing pains — and surrendering all hold on the familiar act you call ‘me’.”

~ David Deida

So, today, your mini relationship tip is:

1. Next time you notice a strong emotion coming up, and the familiar feeling of “If I feel that, I’ll die,” try feeling through the fear, the reaction to blame, lash out,  crumple or run.

Intentionally open yours elf when you would rather close down.  Give yourself when you would rather hide.

Why? To not move the way fear makes you move; to move the way love asks you to move.

To your fearwalk,