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Can spirituality + sexuality?

Does spirituality + sexuality = non-duality expression in body?

Or should it be that spirituality – sexuality = the path?

Or sexuality – spirituality = more fun?

Have fun watching this video. If it turns you on, you’ll know you’re on the right track – or you’ll know you need some more math skills.

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Where will YOU be December 11-18th?

Might it be with me, at a retreat in Costa Rica???

So, I’ve been invited to help lead a retreat in Costa Rica, and I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME!

It’s titled EMBODYING THE FEMININE, and sports a line up of teachers to die for.

FIRST, THERE’S ROCHELLE, a dance and movement expert who teaches women to revel and rejoice in their bodies and to live wild, wise and free.

THEN, THERE’S ALISA (one of my best friends), a women’s nutrition and health expert who helps women harness the Feminine Power of Pleasure to heal “incurable” health imbalances, amp up energy and restore libido.

THEN, THERE’S YOURS TRULY, a relationship expert, who, as you know, helps women trade in painful relationship patterns for sweet confidence, radiance and sexiness – and the extraordinary partnerships of their heart.


Here’s how it goes:

1.  I can offer 5 women $500 OFF, if you register before November 5th.
2.  Those same 5 women get a COMPLEMENTARY SESSION WITH ME (2 hours, $295 value) during the retreat.
3.  AND: I have 2 FR*EE SPOTS, when you bring a friend (friend can get $500 off), also if you register before November 5th.

Get ready to:

*  Shake your booty and access your inner wisdom
*  Get the keys to an extraordinary, unshakable love affair – with your first
*  Learn what men really want from women – and why giving  it to them is the best thing you can do for yourself
*  Remove the blocks that get in the way of pleasure, energy, and abundance
*  Discover how to use the body and food to heal and magnetize a passionate life to you!

You’ll emerge:

*  Rested, rejuvenated and relaxed
*  Clear, confident and comfortable in your own skin
*  The wise, wild and free YOU

COME. Step into your power, through the Principles of Pleasure. Shed what needs to be shed so you can BE that irresistible woman your dream partner can’t wait to finally to meet (even if – especially if you’re already with him!). Access your inner wisdom and find yourself in the luscious tropics, basking in the Feminine.

You can see the gorgeous web page, with full information here:

TO CLAIM ONE OF THE 5 DISCOUNTED SPOTS and/or one of the 2 comps, email Rochelle immediately: rochelle (at) wisewildfree (dot) com.


I can’t wait to share this with you…

Viva la feminina, LIYANA

P.S. If you can’t join us, feel free to pass this along to a woman who might be able to.

P.P.S: Sorry, guys – women only for this one.  But send a woman you know – you know you’ll thank me later.

Click here for complete, luscious information (seriously, the flier is gorgeous!) and to hold your spot!


I ran across this Mary Oliver Poem as I was working on a segment of a class I’m teaching, to help women locate and live from their joy, from what they en-joy:

You are young.
So you know everything.
You leap into the boat and begin rowing.
But listen to me.
Without fanfare, without embarrassment, without any doubt, I talk directly to your soul.
Listen to me.
Lift the oars from the water, let your arms rest, and your heart, and heart’s little intelligence, and listen to me.
There is life without love.  It is not worth a bent penny, or a scuffed shoe.
It is not worth the body of a dead dog nine days unburied.
When you hear, a mile away and still out of sight, the churn of the water as it begins to swirl and roil, fretting around the sharp rocks – when you hear that unmistakable pounding – when you feel the mist on your mouth and sense ahead the embattlement, the long falls plunging and steaming – then row, row for your life toward it.


As you get more acquainted with your Named One, take a look at how She’s shown up in nature, religious and spiritual traditions and art.  These are images taken from the book, The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen.  “Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia, the source of life.  It’s counterpart is the Lingam, the phallus.

Notice, as you pay more and more attention to your Named One, which stage you are in (we all go through most all of these stages): disgusted, numb, indifferent, interested, celebratory, awe, reverent.


1. Natural rock formation!


2. The “lips” of this natural rock formation in the southern California desert were painted before the site was used for initiation ceremonies for the girls and women of the indigenous Kemeyaay tribe.


3. Natural rock carving!


4. A unique altar of the goddess, clearly designed for the practice of Yoni Puja. This eighth-century stone sculpture clearly showe the rim where the libations poured upon the Yoni would collect.


5. Another natural rock formation used as a place of worship in the US. this one can be found on the Crawford Ranch in California’s San Diego County.


6. In this unique Japanse terra cotta, the Buddha is seen meditating in front of, and perhaps, about, the Golden Gate, a Chinese term for the Yoni. Although it may be surprising to many contemporary Buddhists, this sculpture conveys the same message as a passage from the Condamaharosana Tantra, wherein the Buddha is quoted as having said, “Take refuge in the yoni of an esteemed woman.”


7. Most famous among all the sheelas is this stunning stone carving from the church at Kilpeck, Herefordshire. By opening her vulva as wide as possible, this figure seems to show us where we come from and, perhaps, to invite us back into her womb once life comes to an end.


8. In this fifteenth-century painting, the artist has embedded Mary and her divine child within a madorla, a universal symbol of the Goddess and the Yoni.


9. Georgia O’Keefe’s GRay Line With Black, Blue and Yellow (c. 1923) is as beautiful as it is suggestive.


10. This beautiful wood carving from southern India shows a woman menstruating, most likely during a ritual celebration in which this specific female energy was both venerated and absorbed by the practitioners.


11. Fascination as well as a feeling of inferiority are depicted in artist Gottfeild Helnwein’s surreal work Lulu (1988), an imagery harking back to prehistoric times.


12. For his time, Gustave Courbet’s Origin of the World (1866) (L’Origine du Monde) was a daringly realistic and explicit work of art. Although his title suggests a respectful stance toward the Yoni, his contemporaries could not but regard this as pornography.


13. A real live yoni! (nope, not mine! ;-P) Body adornment. In essence, piercing one’s genitals is not truly different from piercing one’s earlobe. It does, however, require a positive view of the body and sexuality.


14. The famous Doni of Laussel, a 26,000 year old limestone relief found in France. In her hand she hold the archetypal mode of what later became known as the “horn of plenty” or the infamous “box of Pandora.”


15. Convincing evidence of yoni worship can be found in this 12th C stone carving from the Sixty-Four-Yogini Temple at Bheragat, Madhya, Pradesh, India.


16. Natural rock formation. A place of mystery and stillness, but not of solitude. To the worshiper, the Goddess resides in such natural formations that reveal the Yoni of Mother Earth.



17.  The Virgin Mary of Guadelupe; any resemblance to a Yoni or is it just me? (this image is NOT from the book Yoni)