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Retreat in Costa Rica: Embodying The Feminine

Where will YOU be December 11-18th?

Might it be with me, at a retreat in Costa Rica???

So, I’ve been invited to help lead a retreat in Costa Rica, and I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME!

It’s titled EMBODYING THE FEMININE, and sports a line up of teachers to die for.

FIRST, THERE’S ROCHELLE, a dance and movement expert who teaches women to revel and rejoice in their bodies and to live wild, wise and free.

THEN, THERE’S ALISA (one of my best friends), a women’s nutrition and health expert who helps women harness the Feminine Power of Pleasure to heal “incurable” health imbalances, amp up energy and restore libido.

THEN, THERE’S YOURS TRULY, a relationship expert, who, as you know, helps women trade in painful relationship patterns for sweet confidence, radiance and sexiness – and the extraordinary partnerships of their heart.


Here’s how it goes:

1.  I can offer 5 women $500 OFF, if you register before November 5th.
2.  Those same 5 women get a COMPLEMENTARY SESSION WITH ME (2 hours, $295 value) during the retreat.
3.  AND: I have 2 FR*EE SPOTS, when you bring a friend (friend can get $500 off), also if you register before November 5th.

Get ready to:

*  Shake your booty and access your inner wisdom
*  Get the keys to an extraordinary, unshakable love affair – with your first
*  Learn what men really want from women – and why giving  it to them is the best thing you can do for yourself
*  Remove the blocks that get in the way of pleasure, energy, and abundance
*  Discover how to use the body and food to heal and magnetize a passionate life to you!

You’ll emerge:

*  Rested, rejuvenated and relaxed
*  Clear, confident and comfortable in your own skin
*  The wise, wild and free YOU

COME. Step into your power, through the Principles of Pleasure. Shed what needs to be shed so you can BE that irresistible woman your dream partner can’t wait to finally to meet (even if – especially if you’re already with him!). Access your inner wisdom and find yourself in the luscious tropics, basking in the Feminine.

You can see the gorgeous web page, with full information here:

TO CLAIM ONE OF THE 5 DISCOUNTED SPOTS and/or one of the 2 comps, email Rochelle immediately: rochelle (at) wisewildfree (dot) com.


I can’t wait to share this with you…

Viva la feminina, LIYANA

P.S. If you can’t join us, feel free to pass this along to a woman who might be able to.

P.P.S: Sorry, guys – women only for this one.  But send a woman you know – you know you’ll thank me later.

Click here for complete, luscious information (seriously, the flier is gorgeous!) and to hold your spot!

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