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Go Ahead, Ask.

One of the things I love most is when you send me your questionswhy is it that you always “lose” yourself in relationships?  should you work on the relationship or get out of it?  he said x, how should you respond?  she DID x, how should you respond?  how can you communicate better with your beloved?  the sex is fizzling, what
can be done?

I love your desire to have relationships that are satisfying page turners, rather than bad mysteries with fizzling middles and painful endings.

I love your desire to cook up strong, savory and sweet partnerships, rather than ones that leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I love your desire to make your Loving more like a Do-It-Yourself project that’s designed to fit you perfectly, rather than a Paint-By-Numbers kit that you’ve outgrown.

I love your desire to know how you can do it Better, show up as more of the Truth of who you are, be more Loving, have more Fun!

And I’ve got a lot to share with you on all of that. A lot.

However, there are two truths that follow how much I love your questions.

1. I am constantly shoveling myself out from under an email avalanche (can you relate?).

2. Your questions are too juicy and rich, for others not to get a piece of ’em, too!

So, keep bringing me your questions, and I’ll keep dishing out my answers, giving you guidance, pointing you in the direction of further resources … but we’ll do so here on my blog, rather than one-by-one on email.

So, all you have to do is post your question below, and I’ll answer it!

You can use your real name, an alias you’ve always wanted to try on, or remain anonymous. (Oh, and you’ll need to fill out the security question, so I know you are a human, not a ‘bot).

Then, either, check back in a day or so after you’ve posted it. Or if you want the posts to come to you, click the RSS feedburner icon at the top of my blog page. You can always “share it” with your favorite sharing tool, like Facebook or Twitter. Those “share it” links will be right below your question and my answer!

Ready? Set? Ask!

My best to you,

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