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Mini Relationship Tip: Oh, No.

“Great things are only possible with outrageous requests.”
~ Unknown

So, I give you lots and lots of great communication tips through these Mini Relationship Tips, right?

But what about when you are communicating like a pro – your tone and intention are loving, appreciative and juicy, your words are considerate and compelling – and yet your gorgeous request is still met with a … NO?

I mean, you’re working your hump off to make your offer or request too good to pass up, attractive beyond compare and a big, luscious win-win for both of you … so what gives? Shouldn’t they be leaping off their seat to crow a resounding YES from the rooftops!?

Actually, people usually say NO for some “good” reason. It’s a reason that is not only pretty unclear for you, but likely not totally clear for them, either.  Underlying any NO, there’s usually some fear of theirs. Or there is a way they think they might lose out by saying YES.

So, this week, when you get a NO, try asking,

“Is there some way that my request has you feel like you could lose out?”

“Is there something you are concerned about or afraid might happen as a consequence if you were to say yes?”

“What would you need in order for you to be a YES?”

(Good ones, right? Useful. Comments are currently being accepted below)

Rather than giving up, with an, “Oh, no! They said no,” rub your hands together, get excited about what you’ll discover underneath, and see if you can get to the bottom of this “no” matter.

Enjoy, LiYana

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