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Griffin’s 7 month anniversary

He held the strawberry in his hand today
for more than two hours
not eating it
just cradling it

In India they say
that a guru is anyone
who shows you the truth.

And so it is that I bow at his feet again
those little fat feet
hoping he will teach me the world as he feels it
pressing into him
so bewitching
so new
every moment
the promise
of something ordinary
made holy
and pure.

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what’s up with the necklace, you might ask? although it might seem like the coolest northern california way to accessorize your baby, it’s actually for teething. the amber leeches into his skin and acts as a natural analgesic and anti-inflamatory, helping tremendously with the wicked pain of having teeth cut their way through his gums.

i can say i really like this kid, i really like being his mama, i like who being his mama makes me be:

* assuming that it’s all fine until it’s not, rather than my usual MO of the other way around.

* choosing to suck every drop out of the marrow of the moment, because this too shall pass: like the intimate cuddle time of breast-feeding, like his figuring out how to get up on all fours and crawl, like his flirty one-eyebrow wiggle, like how he fits perfectly between by belly button and my chin.

* deciding to be happy, focused, smiling and hopeful even when i’m bone-tired.

* asking myself, when i’m freaking out or overwhelmed, “NOW, are you ok RIGHT NOW in this present moment?” (the answer is always yes.)

Top Ten Ways to Imbibe Baby Crack (power-booster shot that’s good for whatever ails you):

1. inhale as baby laughs
2. examine his toes
3. place his toes in (my) mouth
4. plant zerbert (aka a raspberry) on his blessed baby buddha belly
5. hold the jar under his nose and imagine what it must be like to smell cardamom for the first time
6. say, “whatchu think, baby, yo shit don’t stink?” (nope, not yet anyway!)
7. perk ears to baby babble (la, la, da, da, zha, zha, bla, bla never sounded so scrumptious)
8. ask my arms to carry with care the dewy soft sleeping babe
9. clap when mashed spinach doubles as food and facial
10. wonder why steal glances at him through the baby monitor (oh, it’s because i’m In Love)

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