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a measure of success. [LOVE 3.0 mini tip]

in my former career of over ten years, i was a professional modern dancer, most notably dancing with the KCDC in Israel and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in NYC, where i got to do what so few dancers do – actually be paid (and paid well) for my craft.

(see me in action, but don’t forget to come back and read this mini-tip)

i was recently preparing for a casual dance performance that I’ll perform around the new year. i mean it to be a creative act for me, a piece of art and entertainment for those who’ll watch it, and also as a commitment ceremony: an embodiment of my vows to my Self, my “Oracle” and all we’re creating in 2013.

in the performance, my past Self and future Self dance for (and with) each other.

in rummaging on my bookshelf for a notebook to use in the performance, i found the perfect leather-bound one – and this piece of paper fell out of it; vows I made to my Self on new year’s nearly 5 years ago:

* to measure my success by how much love and enjoyment i experience each day

* to remove the shackles of perfectionism

* to love You forever, through good times and bad

* to cultivate the dance/conversation between masculine and feminine power within me

* to be Bold and Take Up Space

* to celebrate my Self and my Body

* to honor that which feels aligned, to walk toward those things and manifest them

* to live a spacious life

* to continue to learn how to trust my body

* to continue to become a Free woman

at the time i wrote and made these vows, each one was a weighty struggle; each was a steep hill i climbed step by slow step, sometimes not seeing that i was making any progress at all.

i know now that when you place “success” just out of your reach, an un-measureable, ever-moving target, then, not surprisingly, you’ll feel like you are ever-failing. [like it? feel free to tweet it]

now, as i look over this time-capsuled missive from 5 years in my past, each one has come to be.

vows. your past and future Selves meeting. this thin-veil time of the death of 2012 and the birth of 2013.

potent stuff.

SO, YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it:

* at the end of each day, for the next 13 days, record, on a scale from 1-10, how much love and enjoyment you experienced that day

1 on the scale is a little blip of joy and love; 10 is a full-body tsunami

* on december 31st, take a look at the trend:

* how successful have you been, measured how much love and enjoyment you experienced each day?

* and, on december 31st, the last day of 2012, look for another mini-tip email from me, where i’ll walk you through my own process to create vows to myself, like the ones above. and a commitment ceremony, too, should you choose to create and partake. (no dance performance or magic notebook required).

to your measure of success!

and if you are moved, give me the holiday gift of your comment below,


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