Communication Made Easy

Communication Made Easy:

In and Out of the Bedroom


  • Do you find that, despite your best efforts, the opposite sex is completely confusing and frustrating?
  • Do you often mis-communicate to the people in your relationships and wish you could be understood?
  • As a woman, do you yearn for some king of magic “man decoder ring?”
  • As a man, do you wish there were some ways to make women make sense?
  • Have you resigned yourself that battle to understand the opposite sex is always going to be a futile one?

LiFeetSmall“What if communication – and getting along with those we love – could actually be easy?

What if it were already within your grasp?

I created this product to share with you the communication tools and principles I’ve gathered through years of research, working with clients, and through implementing them in my own relationships.

As you know, I walk my talk, I live what I teach and I only teach what works. And this stuff WORKS!

And as the cherry on top, I’m all for communication that’s EASY to learn and easy to do; and I’m all for having fun and enjoying each other while doing it!

Recently, my fiancee and I found ourselves in a seeming impasse: he recently sold his business and wanted to play and adventure across the globe. My business was taking off and required that I stay put!

In short, I wanted to stick around and work on my business while he wanted to globe-trot. How did we get through that one, unscathed, and appreciating each other even more, you might ask?

We went back to the basics (that I’ve compiled for you here), and created a win-win situation that is rocking both our worlds! It’s all about the basics and it’s all about what works. I want you to have access to the tools that we used, and have relied on throughout our seven-year, extraordinary relationship!

The simple tools are yours for the taking, in Communication Made Easy: Swift, Savvy and Sexy.”

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LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
12: 38pm, July 29, 2009

Too many of us role-model our parents’ and care-takers’ out-dated ways of attempting to understand ourselves and the others.

It’s time for an upgrade.

It’s time for Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom.

MeaganFranzenI’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began

“The Communication Made Easy product was very powerful for me. In fact, it shook me to the very core.

Looking back on what was going on for me during my relationship with my ex-husband, I felt that I had no right to have needs of any sort, let alone communicate them. I felt so oppressed and depressed, without realizing that I was buying into it by “being” the sort of loving, giving wife that asked for and expected nothing in return. I remember feeling the need to be that way as a child, too, with very busy and distinguished professional parents.

How refreshingly simple and liberating it was to hear the good news that I can re-frame that in my life right now. I can learn to express my needs in a way that allows people to hear me and honor my requests. I’m happy to be able to share this with my son as he grows and observes, and to be present with his needs. And I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began. Thank you!”

Megan Franzen
Mom, Health & Wellness Counselor
New York

LisaHer style gave me complete confidence in the communication methods that she is promoting. “

“LiYana’s voice is energetic, open and warm. She communicates her material in an organized and clear way. Her style gave me complete confidence in the communication methods that she is promoting.

I love the way the program works for communication in and out of the bedroom so that learning one skill can improve both aspects of my relationship with my husband.”

Lisa Levine-Bernstein
MSN, RN, School Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Mother & Wife (…not always in that order!)
New York

reid_mihalko_testimonial“The ways “Men”and “Women” are different in how they communicate is HUGE.”

Not only does LiYana do an excellent job of explaining how men and women differ in the ways they think, express and process information, she gives amazing tools and approaches for taking these differences and bridging the chasm between the sexes.

If you are a man, especially, listen to Communication Made Easy because hearing a woman clearly explain WomenSpeak, as LiYana calls it, is a gift you will not want to pass up.

It just might change your whole world!”

Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Educator
New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco

Is this already sounding like a great fit? Want to get started right away?



What your Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom kit includes…

Nearly Four Hours of Audio Files:

CMECDBox200x159Class One:

Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom

World renowned Relationship Specialist LiYana Silver of www.redefiningmonogamy covers the skill sets and perspectives that will give you the tools to ask for and get what you want in a way that doesn’t end up in miscommunication, misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Learn how to communicate with men and women in and out of the bedroom in ways that end with more communication, more juice and more intimacy. You’ll learn how to transform jealousy, reduce conflict and reactivity, as well as be able to clean up your messes so you don’t make the same mistakes again and again. Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom lays out a simple road map to your partner’s heart and mind so you can get back in the saddle – and back in the sack!

CMECDBox200x159Class Two:

Deciphering Love Languages:
The Art of Speaking in the Languages that Your Loved Ones Can Hear

Join Relationship Specialist LiYana Silver & guest expert, Non-Violent Communication training and Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner Matthew Blom and walk away with a clear understanding of your preferred ways of experiencing and expressing love, as well as the tools to figure out what your partners’ and friends’ Love Languages are.

Learn a simple and elegant approach for being able to speak in the language that your loved ones can hear and how to apply this approach to platonic relationships as well. The Five Love Languages, as developed and written about by Gary Chapman, work well in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and are amazingly useful and effective with parent-child relationships as well!

CMECDBox200x159Class Three:

ManSpeak:WomanSpeak: The Decoder-Ring for the Opposite Sex

Relationship Specialist LiYana Silver raises the glass ceiling on how the genders communicate and your understanding of how the opposite sex communicates, listens, and understands in this poignant podclass.

Re-write the cultural understanding that you can’t get through to men, that men are lazy, stupid and they don’t care. Recalibrate the cultural assumption that women are a mystery and that you can’t understand them so why bother trying. Increase your understanding of men and women and leave with tools -energetic, emotional and verbal- for better intimacy, better communication, more ease! Get what you long for from your love relationships by becoming fluent in ManSpeak and WomanSpeak!

The 52-Page Communication Made Easy:
In and Out of the Bedroom Workbook:

CMEWorkbook200x194Designed as a companion to the Class Recordings, this 52-page workbook compendium and resource guide can be used to follow along with each call or read separately.

The Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom Workbook and Resource Guide covers…

  • The salient points and ideas contained in each class recording
  • Explanations and examples of concepts, terms and lingo
  • Practical exercises and homework to take what you’re learning and begin applying it to your life
  • An extensive resource guide of the books, websites, and organizations that are mentioned throughout the Class Recordings
  • Bios and contact information for each of the relationship experts on the Class Recordings

“I want to thank you for making this so simple. Usually anything about communication is so complex, but you really break it down to the minutia and into very clear steps. You gave me a ton of stuff to bring into my next conversation and I love the fact that in a few minutes I have so much information. So clear and so concise!”
~ Carolina B., Seattle

And, as if all this weren’t enough…

I so want you to have the relationship and level of communication that you dream of, I’ve generously sweetened the pot with these FREE bonuses:

Over $229 worth of FREE Bonus Items!

_star-4aFree bonus #1 ($49 value):

Now and Forever: Why You Are Always Attracted to The Wrong Person
with Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver (audio download)

Maybe you find yourself attracted to the same great type over and over – but they never stay. Perhaps they start out intensely perfect, only to disappoint you again in oh-so-familiar ways. Or maybe you find yourself in a cycle of settling for less than what you hope is possible.

Find out once and for all, why it is that you are always attracted to the wrong person – what in your past created it, and what to do so your relationship future isn’t a dull, distressing re-run, but full, bright and satisfying.

_star-4aFree Bonus #2 ($49 value):

Creating Connection with Women
interview with Reid Mihalko by Andrew Schwartz (audio download)

Join Reid Mihalko as he gives up his techniques and shares his philosophy on how to meet and connect with the women of today in this candid interview with self-esteem coach Andrew Schwartz.

Men, learn why it’s so important to tell a woman the absolute truth when you first meet her and why today’s women are so suspicious of most men. Find out Reid’s ideas on how to approach women and break the ice, and even what to say to her if all you want to do is take her to bed.

Ladies, this extremely female-positive interview is a welcomed departure from today’s ‘pick-up artist’ scene. You and your girlfriends will definitely want to hear this interview and upload it onto the iPods of the men in your life!

_star-4aFree Bonus #3 ($49 value):

Setting the Tone with Men
with Reid Mihalko (audio download)

Download this delightfully funny and informative, no-holds barred talk given to a group of women by sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko. The topic of the talk: How to Set the Tone with Men in Relationships.

Listen in and laugh as Reid shares his poignant opinions, tips and perspectives on why men need the tone set for them in the first place, how a man’s masculinity is tied to how happy his partner is, and how women can be more clear and empowered with men in their relationships!

“Just because we don’t usually talk about these things, doesn’t mean they are bad. Fun, and positively enlightening!”
~ A.H., San Francisco

_star-4aFree Bonus #4 ($39 value):

Free Subscription to LiYana’s Redefining Monogamy Mailing List!

You can anticipate:

  • Bare With Me: my stimulating, saucy quarterly newsletter
  • Weekly Mini’s: juicy, bite-sized relationship tips
  • The Skinny: zesty, compelling upcoming events
  • PLUS: Two Bonus Reports: Keeping Cool: Top Ten Ways To Diffuse Reactivity and A Strict Diet of Self-Appreciation

“ … this has transformed my understanding of the opposite sex. It is a must do for anyone looking to go deeper.”
~ Leroy T., IT Consultant, New York

What you will experience and learn…

Designed to give you useful information that’s delivered in an accessible, frank, and enjoyable conversation and reinforced by a workbook with bonus exercises, homework, and resources, Communication Made Easy will guide you from whatever your current state of relationship frustration and confusion is, through the introduction of new concepts and perspectives, and into pragmatic, real-life application so you can begin making communication easy!

  • Learn how (and why!) women and men mis-communicate.
  • Discover better ways to communicate your needs and wants, in ways that “land.”
  • Figure out what your Love Languages are – and what those of your partners are.
  • Find out the ways men and women differ; in how they listen, communicate, process information, learn – and how you can better “hear” them.
  • Learn how to be a better partner, communicator and listener to the ones you love!
  • Begin upgrading your relationship skills so that you can avoid huge, mis-communication train-wrecks (and make the usual upsets that happen in all relationships easier to navigate!)

Let these down-to-earth, info-packed conversations and practical resources take you from frustrated and confused to clear and confident! Married for twenty-five years? Single and not sure you want to enter the dating pool? No matter what your relationship status is, become better at relating, asking for what you want, “hearing” what your partner is saying, expressing your needs, and creating intimacy than you were before you ordered this kit!

“Some of the best presented, usable materials I’ve ever seen on any “communication products.”
~ Bryan G., Financial Advisor, San Francisco

I’ll be covering skill sets that will offer you:

  • The tools to ask for and get what you want in a way that doesn’t end up in mis-communication, misunderstanding and hurt feelings, but ends with more communication, more juice and more intimacy.
  • The skills for transforming jealousy, reducing conflict and reactivity, as well as being able to clean up your messes so that you don’t make the same mistakes again and again.
  • And I’ll be laying out a simple road map to your partner’s heart and mind so you can get back in the saddle after a mis-communication and get back in the saddle (or the sack)!

“The classes helped me to gain more confidence…. Things are just getting better and better.”
~Tina, New Jersey

I am so appreciative of these tools.

They form the solid, loving foundation of my amazing relationship with my fiancee. I know that this material will be useful and applicable to you. Use what is covered here to live into the relationship and love life you’ve always wanted!

If you are considering taking your relationships, your dating, your friendships, and your self-awareness to the next level and are in need of vetted resources and solid advice on how to make it happen, then Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom was created with you in mind.

Join me as we cover some of the best, cutting-edge ideas, approaches and practices to understanding the opposite sex and communicating with them. And, do it risk free in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. As a woman and a relationship expert and coach, I know the value of being able to communicate your wants and needs to those you care about and I understand how important being able to change your mind is.


Communication Made Easy:
In and Out of the Bedroom


This series of audio classes, workbook and resource guide comes with a

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



My intentions for you:

My intention in putting together this amazing compendium of audio classes and workbook package full of resources, relationship wisdom and communication tools is for you to come away with an upgraded relationship tool-kit of supremely powerful communication tools and perspectives on how the opposite sexes behave and communicate for you to apply in your relationships ASAP!

I want you to get this, I want you to have this, and I want you to master this!

“The insights I gained while working with LiYana five years ago continue to affect my life and my relationship today.”
~ Megan B., Pilates Instructor, New York

And so, this series of audio podcast classes, workbook notes and exercises
and resource guide comes with a

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren’t happy, I don’t want your money. Simple as that.


For those of us trying to make sense of the men and women in our lives,
I have felt your frustration and angst.
You’re not alone.

In fact, you can celebrate that I’ve taken my 10 years plus worth of experience and research and gathered and wrangled some of the best relationship and communication tools, tips and tricks I know of, and put what you need to get started all right here in one, convenient place.

Starting to get the picture?

Want to get started right away?



(And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you aren’t happy, I don’t want your money.)


How do I know Communication Made Easy will catapult your understanding of the opposite sex and yourself to the next level?

I was you once…

Let me just say that I wasn’t born a relationship innovator. Understanding men, and even understanding myself, wasn’t something I was born with. To be blunt, I messed up every single relationship before the one I am in now – I lied, cheated, smothered them, scared them off, you name it. I found men frustrating, incomprehensible and distant. And I found myself irrational and downright mean at times, and sometimes without any (obvious) reason or explanation.

I tried really hard to fight the good fight and see my fellow man as an ally and translate my communications into “ManSpeak” so he’d understand me. When I completely confounded him and got frustrated and angry, I did my best to be forgiving of my own feelings and take responsibility for my mis-communications. But I was fighting a losing battle and I could feel myself becoming despondent and my resignation hardening. I would think, “Doesn’t he get it?” and “He must not care at all about me!” And, it goes without saying, that when the really hard relationship stuff came up, I certainly didn’t know how to communicate worth squat.

I felt lost and it all felt like hell.

After unintentionally hurting many good men, and getting quite burnt myself over the years, I began to ask, “What am I missing here?” And I dedicated the rest of my life to finding those missing pieces, amassing an education so I could have what I so very much wanted: an extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship with an incredible man who understands me. (And by whom I am understood, too!)

I set about learning everything I could get my hands on about romance, partnership, relationships, sex, man/woman dynamics and communication. If someone was giving a lecture, I would go. If there was a seminar, I’d take it. A book, I’d read it. I sought out the experts and I interviewed them. Some of them even became my friends and colleagues. I continued to work with hundreds and hundreds of clients – individuals and couples. I tested each new thing in the laboratory of my own life and relationship.

Through this process, I learned something:

Understanding the opposite sex
and being understood by the opposite sex IS possible!
And there ARE vitally helpful hints, tips, tools and tricks
to communicating with men and women!

I was relieved to discover that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, or crash and burn every time I tried to communicate with a man for years on end. I was elated to discover, after years of exploration and in-depth learning that, finally, I had the tools to begin manifesting the relationship life I wanted my whole life.

Today, I live that extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship – and it all started with two questions:

* How can I get him to understand me?
* How can I better understand him?

How could we learn and use smooth, honest, intimate, knock-your-socks-off communication along with the self-awareness and self-possession to handle our own freak-outs and the natural emotional growth and “spiritual teething” that relationships naturally kick up?

Friends and colleagues tell me all the time they want to be able to communicate with their partners like I do with my fiancée.

RosalindaP“I have learned so much from Communication Made Easy, especially about myself as a woman and what that really means to me; about relationships with myself and with others and particularly an intimate relationship with a man.

I’d sort of given up on finding a good relationship, but I’m now with a man who is great, very loving, caring and thoughtful. We laugh a lot and he actually says what he feels and is very sweet; I like him a lot and I love how I feel with him.

Even when dealing with uncomfortable subjects, LiYana makes it lighter and fun. She is so gentle, yet direct and to the point, so hard things are easier to digest.

I find it so incredible to learn from LiYana because she inspires me with the adventure and passion in her life – and she lives what she teaches.”

Rosalinda Paez, Chef, New York City & Mexico

So, you might be wondering …

  • How did I get fluent in ManSpeak and get my partner to speak WomanSpeak?
  • How did I get this great guy to shower me with attention and have me feeling utterly loved?
  • How do we learn to navigate the differences in our biological and cultural wiring so that we could compassionately communicate and have one another feel truly seen, appreciated and heard?
  • How do we get through the rough and rocky patches while deepening our intimacy and understanding of one another and ourselves?

Ladies and gents, we don’t need to mis-communicate the ways that our parents, care-takers and grandparents did or keep repeating the mistakes we’ve made in previous relationships!

I’ve collected the most useful and easy-to-implement communication tools and perspectives on how we communicate as men and women. I can’t wait to share it all with you. Join me in introducing you to this information. See for yourself how these practices, resources and tips can transform how you communicate with, how you are heard by, and how you view men and women!

Join me in making a massive upgrade in how you communicate and how much love, care and appreciation you experience!

I realize that actually understanding the opposite sex might seem beyond reach, but how would you know unless you checked out for yourself the tools that helped me, and so many others – right?

Get the best of self-study, along with individual attention!

Check out what I’m talking about in the privacy of your own home without having to fly across country to attend an expensive conference or a workshop.

You can start opening up your view of what’s possible in your relationship with men and women and begin being heard by the men and women in your life today, and at no risk to you!

Yep. Simply buy and download this amazing informational product on understanding how men and women communicate and experience what it has to offer for 30-days, RISK FREE! If you’re not completely and utterly satisfied, simply request a refund and I’ll be happy to oblige. If you are not wildly happy, I don’t want your money.

This Amazing Kit Contains Everything You Need
to Begin Making Communication with Men and Women Easy!


Download NOW

Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom
with Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver

and transform your love life – starting as quickly as TONIGHT!

100% Risk Free
(Your investment is protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)


Having concerns?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Ok, I’d like to believe that women and men could communicate more clearly, but I’m nervous! I’ve managed to ruin every relationship I’ve ever had and I’m afraid that your tools and skills won’t work for me and that I’m doomed to being misunderstood! I need more proof.”

As someone who’s been a horrible communicator in past relationships, I realize how hard it can be to climb out of one’s relationship ruts. Especially when you’ve been trying really hard to create win-wins for yourself and your partners and your good intentions have been knocked around by the dating scene. It’s hard enough to understand our selves, right? So it only stands to reason that trying to understand the opposite sex would occur to you as futile! However, if you’re anywhere near where I used to be in my relationships, how I used to communicate and my understanding of men, I can tell you it is within your grasp.

I get up in the morning to offer you the tools and perspectives that can help you become a “black belt” in communication, regardless of your past track record!

Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom participants have already discovered…

Where to look on the Web and what books to read for the best communication tools and resources: No more having to Google search and click through countless webpages! I will direct you to the websites, organizations and teachers that supported me in creating the relationship life I could only have dreamed of! Don’t waste time and energy scouring the World Wide Web for the best resources when I can spoon-feed you the best of the best.

The communication tools that make relationships run more smoothly: The skill sets that allow women and men to be hear and listen one another, you can apply immediately. Upgrade your relationship experiences and make your world and the world of your partners easier as quickly as TODAY!

How to avoid having to reinvent the wheel: Why should you have to make the same mistakes I made! The expert advice contained in this product was hard-earned, so take advantage of my years of research and hands-on living and loving.

“I saw immediate benefits which have continued to blossom in my life.”
~ Steve M., Retreat Center Owner, Connecticut

Communication Made Easy is an amazing resource and learning opportunity designed to help you with your journey into the uncharted seas of open relationships. Together, we can make “setting sail” a whole lot calmer…

Communication Made Easy:

In and Out of the Bedroom



100% Risk Free!
(Your investment is protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)


So how much does Communication Made Easy cost?

Ask yourself the question… “How much is being able to communicate, be heard and leave my partner feeling heard worth to me?”

Really think about it… all these bonuses, PLUS the expert advice, tools, tricks and tips for communicating powerfully to both sexes direct from the minds and mouths of some of the world’s leading relationship authorities all jam-packed inside the Communication Made Easy Kit… what’s it really worth?

$400? $500? How about $1,000?

With the incredible amount of content you’re getting, my advisors have told me it’s a steal at $1,000. But I’m not going to do that.

Communication Made Easy costs a lot less than you think…

I was once where you are right now, trying to figure out who I was in relationship, what made me happy, and how to communicate it all. I was desperate to find a partner who understood me and could not only love me for all that I am, but understand me. And I was so hungry for all of this, I shelled out tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars over the years, in learning and integrating all this information.

So, I’ve made it easy for you. No reinventing the wheel, no major outlay of your hard-earned cash, and no excuses to say No…

I’ve priced Communication Made Easy at a level everyone can afford, so no one gets to use “it costs too much” as an excuse. I want you to have the relationship life you deserve and if this can help you, I believe that you’ll spread the word and I’ll make my money because everyone will be ordering Communication Made Easy!

The entire Communication Made Easy package can be easily, swiftly and sweetly yours today for only $97.00

This includes:

  • THREE amazing audio classes:
    * Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom
    * Deciphering Love Languages
    * ManSpeak:WomanSpeak
  • ONE packed accompanying workbook with:
    * Class notes
    * Q&A
    * Exercises and home practices
    * Resources

  • THREE bonus audio classes:
    * Why You Are Always Attracted to The Wrong Person
    * Creating Connection with Women
    * Setting the Tone With Men
  • And ONE fresh and feisty subscription to my mailing list, including:
    * Bare With Me, my quarterly newsletter
    * Weekly Mini’s – tasty relationship tips
    * Special discounts for upcoming events
    * Bonus report: Keeping Cool: Top Ten Ways To Diffuse Reactivity
    * Bonus Report: A Strict Diet of Self-Appreciation

Order Communication Made Easy Today – and try it Risk Free!



Your investment is protected by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)


Please note that I do reserve the right to increase the price at any time…

If you think about it, Communication Made Easy is an investment in your happiness and the happiness of your partners.

Imagine what having to go to a relationship counselor would cost you to save your relationship, or what hiring a divorce lawyer is going to set you back? And that’s not even taking into account the emotional stress and wear and tear (and the $$$) of having to figure out all of this from scratch would cost you.

I’m so completely sure that Communication Made Easy will meet & exceed your needs – that I offer a 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee.


If you’re not completely satisfied with any aspect of Communication Made Easy, even if it’s on the last hour of day number 30, all you have to do is let me know and I’ll insist that you let me refund your money directly …

Download Communication Made Easy NOW without risk!

“I loved the communication piece about putting it back into his hands and having him help come up with the solution. I really think that hit home. It’s such a simple, simple way to approach it and it’s had amazing results. I really want to thank you very much!”
~Susie B.

“Thank you so much for these classes. I was reminded of different things that are going on in my relationship. I’m married 15-years. I think the biggest challenge I face on-goingly is” timing.” The timing part is really huge, really rang true for me.

I find myself either picking the wrong time or I notice my husband doing the same thing where he’ll perhaps avoid topics we need to talk about because of knowing there’s not time – either we’re rushing around with the children or what have you – and then there being a fear that either we won’t get through what we need to talk about or we won’t do it well and we’ll both kind of explode or whatever the case may be. There are times when I forget everything that you’ve just spoken about and there are times I’m reminded to take part in them. Like now. Thank you for the reminder!
~ Carol C.

Download Communication Made Easy NOW – 100% Risk Free!


So …

  • Download Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom.
  • Listen to the Class Recordings and study the workbook.
  • Then do some of the exercises and practice some of the communication exercises with your friends and loved ones.

If, after doing that, you have not convinced yourself that you can begin to create the relationship life you want most and that you’re becoming a better communicator, then contact me and I will refund 100% your money… up to a FULL 30 days after your purchase.

No hassles. No kidding.

AND you can keep all the extra bonuses you received. Everything! It’s yours, as a thank you for considering the work I am so passionate about and for taking Communication Made Easy for a test-drive!

People all over the world are beginning to transform their relationships RIGHT NOW from the information contained in Communication Made Easy. But the question is… why aren’t you?

Are you going to stay on your current relationship course and keep struggling in your love life or, worse, go on stuck with a love life that is suffering from poor communication… or are you going to take charge of your future and embark on exploring what is possible and putting into practice… being seen, heard, and leaving those you care about feeling seen and heard, too!

Communication Made Easy is the answer you’ve been searching for and I’ve made it as simple and as irresistible as possible to get started, and all you have to do is click the link below …

starYES, LiYana!

I do want to order Communication Made Easy with the workbook filled with tips, insights and exercises to help me create the kind of communication in my relationship life I’ve dreamt about!

starYES! I Understand That I Will Receive Recordings for Classes 1-thru-3 plus the Workbook, plus the bonuses!

starYES! I Understand That You Offer A 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, And That If I’m Not Completely Satisfied – Then I Can Ask For A Full Refund.

starYES! I Would Like To Receive All The Bonuses!

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PLEASE ACT NOW – This price WILL go up …

I’m only human. This newly released kit is going to sell like crazy. It has some of the best communication advice and resources to date and you’re going to love it!

In order to provide the very best service to my current customers, I must limit the number of kits I’ll sell at this ridiculously LOW price. I can only guarantee that if you act now you will receive access to the fantastic FREE bonuses worth hundreds of dollars all for a one time payment of $97.

Shortly, I’ll have to will raise the price significantly (and without notice as necessary) .


Only $97! Not $497!

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your Communication Made Easy kit, and the accompanying bonuses.

I am excited for you to get started!


signature blue

LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
Creatrix, ReDefining Monogamy

Many have taken advantage of these quick, easy, accessible methods and approaches to upgrading the level of communication in their relationships… And you can, too! Just click on the link below and you can have the best communication tools, advice and resources for understanding how men and women communicate and think at your fingertips. And if you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund 100% of your money -guaranteed! You literally have nothing to lose!

Don’t forget, I’ve created this to be one of the best and most up to date resources on understanding how men and women communicate. This is simply one of the best (and, I think, most fun) informational product on the relationship marketplace today. And at this limited time price–with the massive amount of bonuses, extras, and one-time offers that are included–it’s a DOWNRIGHT STEAL! So click below NOW to get started!

“These classes are full of intellectual candy. Really very educational, and I must confess that I really enjoyed this a lot. I keep using it!”
~Rakel, Abuja, Nigeria

“I’m very much in favor of people discovering for themselves what agreements and boundaries they want their relationship to have, rather than just accepting the social standards without thought. Thanks for bringing more consideration and choice into the world.”
~Jon, San Francisco

“Thank you for sharing so much amazing educational information!”
~Elana, Connecticut

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