What if I told you that your current beliefs guarantee you can never get to where you want to be?

But what if I also told you that you can revise and update your beliefs, at the source where they were first created?

And imagine if you could have lasting change, without having to remember to be different?

In a nutshell, this is what we’ll be doing in your Belief Re-Patterning and Coaching program.

It’s likely the easiest, swiftest, most lasting, profound and life-affirming process you’ll ever go through. And, you’ll also get the relationship education that nearly none of us got, but all should have.

Might we be a fit? The first step is to set up an Exploratory Session.

It’s me and you (and your partner, if you want), up to an hour (and often a bit longer) on the phone.

I’ll ask a ton of questions to get a clear picture of where you are now, what’s holding you back, and where you want to go. We’ll go in depth into your challenges, patterns and ruts – and we’ll plot out the road-map to your goals and desires.  If I can say without doubt that I can get you from where you are now to where you dearly want to be, we’ll discuss working further together.

You’ll come away with a clear vision of where you are headed and what you need to do next.

You’ve got to feel inspired and clear about working with me. I only begin working with new clients two times each year and I only work with you when I am 100% certain I can help you. This Exploratory Session is the best way I know of for us both to determine if we are a fit.

You can hold your spot with a deposit of $150.00.

Why a deposit?  Ever noticed when your money’s on the line, you show up?  If you show up for our exploratory session and we don’t work further, your $150 deposit will be returned to you. If we decide to work further together, your $150 can be applied to any further coaching work we do together.

(Back when I was trying to figure all this out, I prayed for something like this, but could never find it!)

So, first thing: Set up your $150 deposit by clicking here.

You’ll then fill out an Exploratory Session Form (just the time you spend on this alone will be extremely valuable for you), which I’ll review before our Exploratory Session. Then, you’ll select a time slot. Voila!

Need to know more about me and my Belief Re-Patterning sessions first?

Let’s see if you’ve found yourself in the right place.

Perhaps you are interested in Changing Your Relationship Destiny or Reclaiming Your Radiance? Perhaps you’d like to untangle painful patterns, update your emotional inheritance and create lasting change?

Extraordinary relationships don’t just “happen” when you meet the right partner.  Crafting the juicy, flourishing, mind-blowing ones – that keep growing and evolving – takes a big dose of commitment, a splash of creativity and courage mixed with mad skills, topped with a big dollop of humour – served up by an intrepid guide.

If you are anything like the women (and their partners) I coach, you are fed up with formulaic and you instinctively get that the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach is an affront to your intelligence, creativity and uniqueness. You have a creative, innovative, non-traditional life and want your relationships to catch up.  And you’re thinking you might need some support for that.

Simply put, as a practitioner, I help people have extraordinary relationships that are sustainable the 21st Century. I bring over ten years of expertise and experience along with a fresh, bold, sexy, real-life approach – that works in your real life. I illuminate the path for you to reignite, redefine and redesign love so that you can truly live it.

Focused on YOUR goals and desires, we mix in the essential ingredients that must go into your recipe for strong, sweet and sizzling partnerships:

A ppreciation
S elf-Awareness (and Self-Care)
C ommunication (and Conflict Re-Solution)
E nding the War of the Sexes
N avigating your Future
D ivine Sex Life

So you can ASCEND.


“With every issue that cropped up, we were constantly asking, ‘Should we end it, or keep going?’ We didn’t know our problems were normal. Without the skills we learned with LiYana, we would have assumed we were incompatible and gone our separate ways. Getting the right insights and guidance has saved our relationship.”

~ Steve & Shannon M., Retreat Center Owner & Artist, Connecticut


“Working with LiYana is like working with a sure thing!”

~ Kelly Drury, Entrepreneur, New York

“Just a few months after the conclusion of our program, I am celebrating a remarkable – and remarkably rekindled – relationship. And he just asked me to marry him! Beyond those sweet bells and whistles is what I bring to this reconnection. I’ve changed in profound ways. LiYana helped shed 
light on dark corners and merry go rounds that all my years of 
therapy didn’t enlighten or allow me to get off the endless 

~ Elizabeth D’Agostino, Nonprofit Consultant, New York

“LiYana continually inspires me with the adventure and passion in her life. She truly lives what she teaches.”

~ Rosalinda Paez, Chef, Mexico

When you are going to invest your time, creativity, money and heart into this most precious area of your life, it only makes sense to work with someone who knows what you want to learn, who walks their talk and is who actually living the thing they’re coaching.

So, might we be a fit? Again, the first step is to set up an Exploratory Session.

I’m delighted to help you take the first step toward your extraordinary relationship. It’s why I get up in the morning!

To your sweet, strong, sustainable relationships,

Now that I’m a newly divorced mom of a toddler and thinking about relationships again someday, I’ve got the tools to be the woman I want to be for my son, my family, my business and someday for a lover. I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.

~ Megan Franzen, Mom & Health Counselor, New York


“I was able to identify root causes of recurring conflicts in my personal relationships. I am in a beautiful new relationship that we are both co-creating, from the ground up. I love and trust my current partner to a level I never thought possible after my divorce.”

~ Tazima Davis, Consultant, Washington, DC


“The work we did together – from looking at alternative relationship models and possibilities for more love, expanding communication and appreciation and pushing me to look deeply at Truth, My Truth – has been both scary and necessary. It hasn’t been an overnight process (all of the good stuff isn’t!) but I know something has shifted internally. So much of my inner turmoil had to do with losing faith in my intuition and I’m now tuned into my inner knowing. That subtle ‘belief re-patterning’ stuff really works!”

~ Clara Phoenix, Fashion Model, New York  City

“With any successful recipe, one must keep the ingredients fresh! It’s not a once-over kind of thing – appreciation, self-care, pleasure, divine sex, resolving conflicts, learning and respecting each other’s language and needs, community – all need nurturing and tending and then they continue to thrive.”

~ Elizabeth D’Agostino, Nonprofit Consultant, New York City

To get set up your $150 deposit and get started with your Exploratory Session, click here.

If you have more questions, Contact LiYana here.