Change Your Relationship Destiny

For those who want to get out of relationship ruts and get on to the pleasurable path of extraordinary love.

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 1:00 – 6:00pm
New York City

(For both women and men, in partnership or out).

We will dive into:

* How to be seen, heard and appreciated by your partner

* Tap into your intuition, true power, inner guidance and irresistible radiance

* Top mistakes men make with women (and how to get them back by your side)

* Top ways women push men away without knowing it (and how to turn it around for good)

* Turn fizzling to sizzling: learn why the spark in long-term relationships so often dies and what to do about it

* Restore your hope in each other and in lasting love

* Experience the formula for untangling painful patterns, updating your emotional inheritance & creating lasting change

Space is limited! $97

includes the workshop, a 20-minute individual integration call (post-workshop) and snacks! (mid-workshop). Gotta take care of you, you know?

To register, click here.