Screw Weight Loss with Daphne Cohn


The Pleasure Nutrition Approach to Achieving Your Natural Body Weight and Feeling Utterly Fabulous

with Daphne Cohn, The Pleasure Nutritionist


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If you’ve had it with one more “revolutionary” plan that promises massive weight loss in less than 24 hours, then it’s time for Daphne’s Pleasure Nutrition Approach: where dieting doesn’t exist, pleasure is always on the menu and your beautiful body is queen.


* Discover the secret to feeding your body what it wants 100% of the time
* Tune into what your body is really telling you (hint: it’s not “ditch the ice cream and chocolate”)
* Find out which foods will help kick your cravings and keep your energy consistent throughout the day

*It’s free and Daphne’s real, fabulous and inordinately inspiring.