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Decoding Men, Demystifying Women

End the war of the sexes and recover peace and joy in your partnerships!

… an evening intensive workshop with LiYana Silver

Thursday, May 20, 2010
6:00 – 9:00pm
New York City

(For men and women, in partnership or not.)

We’re going to dive into:

*  The #1 skill, without which your relationship is likely doomed – but with which it’s destined to flourish.
Decoding the Man/Woman Dynamic: from brains to bodies and everything in between, you’ll learn to see your partner with new eyes (and learn a thing or two about your own gender as well!).

*  The main ways women push men away without even knowing it. (and how to get them back on your side).

*  The biggest mistakes men make with women – and how to change it for good.

*  What men truly want from women (nope, it’s not to get in her pants!) – and what women really want from men (nope, it’s not his credit card!).

*  The Principles of Attraction: learn why the sexual spark so often fizzles, and what to do to keep the sizzle!

You’ll leave with:

*  Simple communication formats to use to get what you want without nagging, manipulating, threatening or shutting down.

*  The easiest ways to immediately to activate your radiance, sexiness and potency.

*  What to ask before you end it: when you’re entangled in conflict, learn re-solution techniques and the four vital questions that can turn it around.

Get ready for less shame and blame, more appreciation, joy, respect (and likely hot sex!) – and a boat-load of crazy-assed confidence to boot.

This is a super small workshop and space is extremely limited!

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