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Desire After Divorce with Hilary Nicholls, DC

Monday, August 9, 2010
5:30pm Pacific time; 8:30pm Eastern time

For women starting over after a divorce who want to re-spark their passion!

•   Have you ever felt shut down after a difficult divorce or relationship ends?
•   Have you been hiding your heart behind a wall of protection ever since?
•   Has this affected your ability to feel a spark of passion?
•   Have you been blaming your lagging sex-life on your hormones?

Are you ready to experience more passionate fulfillment than you ever thought possible?

Hilary will teach us:

•   How to release the scar tissue over a broken heart and come fully into your passion, more than every before!
•   How your ‘old wound’ becomes a doorway to new opportunities for love.
•   How to your sexual power increases with every birthday you celebrate!
•   How to identify and release old negative messages about your beauty and self worth as a woman.
•   How to wake up your Inner Fire Goddess!

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Hilary Nicholls DC has been a holistic chiropractor and energy healer for over 24 years. She is the creator of Inner Body Dialogue and Reignite Your Sexual Spark. Her passion is helping women to rediscover the healing power of their sensuality so they can live life with more vitality, joy and fulfillment. http://www.desireafterdivorce.com.