Man Whispering Sneak Peek Webinar


The Five Principles

to Getting Everything You Want

From Men …

Without Nagging, Pouting or Shouting!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
3pm Pacific; 4pm Mountain; 5pm Central; 6pm Eastern

On the webinar, you’ll get:

•      What Man Whispering IS, what it AIN’T, and how it’s five principles can get you a Relationship 180
•      The #1 thing men need in relationships (psst: when he stops getting this he shuts down or leaves)
•      What compels a man to get up off the couch and do the modern-day equivalent of throwing his cape down over a mud puddle for you
•      The key communication points that will stop “stupid” fights from spiraling out of control (and keep the “serious ones from happening at all)
•      What men want most from women (nope, it’s not just s.e.x.!)
•      The top hidden ways you are pushing men away without meaning to
•      What “qualifies” you for the upcoming 28-Day Man Whispering Challenge – and some sweet bonuses if you do
•      The easiest, simplest change you can make to inspire him to show up as the man of your dreams

It’s gonna be GOOOOOOD!


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