[Love Bytes May 2010] Reveal and Renew You

Hi %$firstname$%,

It’s time to reveal and renew you – and get ready for more love than you ever thought possible!

This May – and the whole year – is about two things for me:

1.  Connecting with other women who are kicking major butt and making women’s lives more juicy, balanced, fulfilled and delicious.  (and passing on to you what I’m most excited about and aligned with).

2.  Doing my work with love, ease, delight and spaciousness. It’s good practice for me (a tight, brittle me ain’t fun to be around!), and most importantly, I know that juju will seep into everything I pass along to you – each email, blog post, tweet, class, session and workshop.

My work is about illuminating the path so you can realize your capacity for extraordinary love.  My work is about you experiencing more love than you ever thought possible.  Would make sense I DO my work with love, eh?

With that in mind, here’s Love Letters, May’s Newsletter, featuring:

*  The new face of my new brand and website, Love 3.0: modern recipes for relationships that sizzle!

Renew You: a virtual tele-summit, of which I am a part. Starts this week!

Reveal: an upcoming young women’s spirituality conference in New York City this upcoming weekend.

The Happy Woman Quotient: a recent article by yours truly to stimulate your love bones.

*  and more!

Raising my glass to the world’s women,


Saucy morsels: spicy bites to whet your appetite

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

“There is nothing more powerful than a spiritually empowered woman to create justice in her life and in the world.”
~ the Reveal conference women

“The new Love 3.0 site is the sizzle I needed to get inspired for my relationship’s sake! Timely, bold and just what the Doctor ordered! Thank you!”
~ Aaron, Washington

The Down-Low: upcoming events and what not to miss


The fun begins on May 4th!

Give yourself the gift of “me time” next month and join 13 energized, insightful women — all experts in helping women live passionate lives — for the Renew You 2010 Teleseminar Series.  And join LiYana Silver, yours truly, for “Bringing Sexy Back: Decoding Desire, Attraction and Connection.”

The featured experts are best-selling authors and nationally renowned nutritionists, trainers and coaches. Scheduled topics range from achieving optimum health, creatively managing your mo*ney, preparing great food, having better se*x, enhancing your natural beauty, creating meaningful relationships, and much more.

When you register you’ll receive a detailed program guide to all of the teleseminar events.

Best of all? This world-class event won’t cost you a thing.

Click here to get all the details and register, the fun begins on May 4th!


New York Women, run, don’t walk to this upcoming young women’s spirituality conference!

REVEAL will empower, inspire, and connect you deeper to the voice of your soul!
REVEAL is the first conference to EVER gather, honor, and provide a platform for young female spiritual leaders. REVEAL is a trailblazing, historic event.  And one of my dearest friends and colleagues, Sera Beak, the author of The Red Book, is keynoting!

While the presenters at this conference will all be under 40, women of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend and join the dialogue.
During the conference, you will have the opportunity to:
* Realize your soul’s strength and beauty.

* Hear your spiritual voice, to take it seriously and to put it in service in the world.

* Be part of a cutting edge movement that demands complete justice for women in the world, especially in the realm of the sacred.

Through fiery, keynotes and speeches, a never-held-before panel on Young Women’s Spirituality by young female spiritual leaders, a sacred Red Temple, soul-altering afternoon workshops, ritual, and music that will open you in ways you’ve never imagined, REVEAL will invite you to unveil your soul and let your light burst through.

What: REVEAL Conference: Young Women Defining the Divine
When: Saturday, May 8th  (Registration at 8am, Begins at 9am Ends at 6pm)
Where: Union Theological Seminary in NYC (Broadway and w. 121st Street)

So, click here and register TODAY!
(The REVEAL Organizers expect the conference to sell out very soon!)

Come to the conference to unveil yourself, and REVEAL your soul…


Want to know what’s on the other side of the war of the sexes?

Join LiYana Silver for this fre*e tele-class, on Thursday, May 13, 2010, 5:00 – 6:15pm Pacific time; 8:00 – 9:15pm Eastern time

I’ll be sharing with you:

*  The number one skill, without which your relationship is likely doomed – but with which it’s destined to flourish.

*  The five key communication points you must use to get what you want without nagging, manipulating, threatening or shutting down.

*  The main ways women push men away without even knowing it. (and how to get them back on your side).

*  How to know if you’re caught in a painful pattern or relationship rut – and how to turn it around.

* Plus, we’ll have time to answer your questions.

Click here to hold your spot.
(And get the recording later if you can’t make it live!)


Step out of relationship ruts and painful patterns and on to the pleasurable path 
of extraordinary love.

The last NYC in-person workshop I had the honor and delight of offering was over a year ago. This will be a small, intimate group – if this is ringing bells for you, I look forward to seeing you!

(For women and men, in and out of partnership)

Saturday, May 22, 2010
1:00 – 6:00pm, NYC (midtown)

We will dive into:

* How to be seen, heard and appreciated by your partner.

* Tap into your intuition, true power, inner guidance and irresistible radiance.

* Top mistakes we make with our partners – and how to turn it around in an instant.

* Turn fizzling to sizzling: learn why the spark in long-term relationships so often dies and what to do about it.

* Restore your hope in each other and in lasting love.

* Experience the formula for untangling painful patterns, updating your emotional inheritance & creating lasting change.

$97 includes the workshop, a 20-minute individual integration call (post-workshop) and snacks! (mid-workshop).  Gotta take care of you, you know?

And – bring a friend for only $67!

Space is extremely limited. Click here to register and claim your space.

Food For Thought: words and wisdom at the cutting edge

The Happy Woman Quotient
By LiYana Silver

In a past issue of “What Is Enlightenment” magazine, I ran across this quote by Leslie Temple Thurston: “Many years ago, I found myself asking Spirit what it would take to save the world. And the answer came clearly and immediately: a lot of enlightened women.” This doesn’t mean a lot of women ACTING enlightened, or behaving in the “enlightened” fashion de jour. This means a lot of women fed by the realization of who they are, awake to their nature, alive with the privilege of being a woman, turned on, turned up, full of light; and then living, acting and behaving from there.

How exactly are women the key to “save the world?”

I spent the past two years throwing myself headlong into research of this seemingly elusive condition, happiness.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Make A Move: simple steps to put love into action

I’ve spent the past 5 months dreaming into existence my newest lovechild, Love 3.0: modern recipes for relationships that sizzle.

If you want relationships that are strong, sweet, sexy and sane – and sustainable in the 21st Century, come visit!

*  Please check out the site, and take the quiz to find out if your relationship stands a chance!

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