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Learn – and integrate – core, foundational elements for creating extraordinary relationships.

Each Relationship Audio Course contains downloadable media along with in-depth workbooks, course notes, at-home practices, exercises & resources so you can go at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home, and in the comfort of your PJs!


Man Whispering 28-Day Challenge self-study course

Get Everything You Want from a Man, Without Nagging, Pouting or Shouting

Whether you’re in a relationship now or want to attract your “right-fit” partner; whether you just need a tune-up or are really concerned about whether your relationship is going to make it, let me give you the secrets that most women will never know …

Let me waltz you through the Five Principles of Man Whispering, and place in your heart, soul and palm:


*  The confidence to stop “stupid fights” in their tracks – and keep the serious ones from happening at all.
*  The words, phrases and intonations work like gold with a man – and which bomb every time!
*  The mindset that attracts men to you like moths to a holy flame (it’s not what you think)
*  Crystal clarity on the hidden ways you’ve been pushing men away, and turn them around for good
*  Your customized blue-print for the long-term – that will keep your relationship full of devotion, trust and spice

Man Whispering comes in the form of:

*  Five 75-minute audio training classes (mp3)
*  Corresponding class visual guides and home-play practices (pdf)
*  “Time-released” emails to guide you through the 28-day format
*  Three juicy bonuses: Love Yourself Naked, 10 Tips to Your Sassiest Self and Opening to Ecstasy
*  All files are “eco-friendly:” completely digital/downloadable; no physical CDs or workbooks!

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Man Whispering

Get S.A.S.S.Y. 5-Part self-study course

The 5 Secrets to understanding men, unreasonable amounts of sassy-a*sed confidence, sure-fire inner knowing and your undeniable GLOW that stops traffic and jump-starts epic love affairs!

• Feeling like you always have to choose between YOU and a relationship?
• Wondering if all the good men are already taken?
• Noticing your efforts to solve your issues only dig you deeper into “stupid” fights?
• Having those sneaky doubts that love might just pass you by …?

.This saucy, sacred course will walk you through:

• The 5 simple secrets to finding – and unleashing – your inner, happy, sexy, radiant woman (ahem, your guy would really like to meet THIS you!)
• The precise recipe for putting your own oxygen mask on first (which ups your attractiveness by leaps and bounds!)
• The tools to decode men: communicate with ease and get everything you want, gracefully
• Getting your inner guidance on speed dial
• The vital keys to feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin (those women who “glow”? this is what they know!

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CMEpackWhite Communication Made Easy:
In & Out of the Bedroom

Simple essentials for black-belt level communication, connection & conflict resolution, above and beneath the sheets!

Your complete guide to becoming a black-belt level communicator in relationships, with men and women alike. Learn how to express your needs, ask for what you want, and how to decipher what your partner really wants but may not know how to express! Additionally, you’ll get practical how-to’s for deactivating reactivity, dealing with jealousy, resolving conflicts, and learning from your messes – while maintaining humour and enjoyment throughout. Through relationships audio podcast classes, in-depth workbook, exercises and resource guide, you’ll be set to turn things around and create more intimacy, connection and understanding – starting tonight!

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PWPpackWhitePowerful Women & Partnership:
Is It Possible?

A radical, racy and sassy guide for the radiant, relationship-starved women of the 21st Century. Learn the simple secrets to transform the power struggle into co-created coupling!

You want to be on-top-of-your-world powerful. And you want amazing partnership. But can you have both? Through four relationships audio podcast classes, in-depth workbook, exercises and resource guide, get all you need to know to develop your unshakably radiant, confident, powerful self – without sacrificing the partnership you desire. Join LiYana Silver and hear from powerful women in partnership: Barbara Carellas, Candida Royalle and Sera Beak. Get the inside scoop on how men really feel about powerful women; rediscover a your true power, unlock your ecstatic sensuality, practice the essentials for creating phenomenal partnership; and finally put to rest your questions about your personal power and your doubts if it could cancel out the possibility of partnership.

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