Powerful Woman AND Partnership?

Powerful Women AND Partnership:

Is It Possible?


  • Do you feel like you have to choose between YOU and a relationship?
  • Do you “have your act together,” and are wondering where all the “good men are”? Are you yearning for a powerful partner who can match you?
  • Are you feeling lost when it comes to navigating the complexity of 21st Century relationships? Are you noticing that these are “unique times” in the “battle between the sexes” and wish you had better ways of communicating to those you love? Are you wanting to find practical ways to integrate the masculine and feminine sides of yourself?
  • Are you tired of balancing being simultaneously powerful and vulnerable in your day to day life as well as in the bedroom? Are you wishing you had a better grasp and understanding of the tools and practices to be empowered in your relationships while, at the same time, being open enough to receive?
  • As a man, do you wish you knew how to attract and ‘hold space’ for a powerful woman? As a woman, do you wish you had a quick and easy guide for those great guys in your life who are looking for how to be a match for a powerful woman?

LiFeetSmall“Have you ever said, ‘I just feel like it’s either me, my happiness and my power – or having a relationship?

Although every woman I work with is gorgeously unique, each woman who walks through my door tells me her version of this, along with: ‘I know I have patterns where I self-sabotage and relationship sabotage, but how can I evolve out of them? Are all the good ones taken? Do I have to give up on myself in order to be in a relationship?’

The question is: Powerful Woman AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

With these women I work with, I nod. I’ve been there, boy have I ever!

Then we proceed; and I show her exactly how to “have it all.”

This is why I’ve created this product for you. If you have scoured the internet, bookstores, Oprah and your girlfriends, looking for powerful tools on how to feel confident, powerful, radiant, sexy, expressed and on fire – AND be in an extraordinary relationship – and you’ve come up empty handed, there’s a simple reason:

Most of what you’re looking for hasn’t been assembled in one place until now.

Welcome to the 21st Century! We are in quickly-changing, dynamic times. especially for how it all impacts our relationships. Women have the opportunities to be more powerful and independent than ever. Men have become more sensitive and aware in ways they’ve never been before.

If until now you’ve only found frustration and ‘failure,’ it’s because of two things: You are a bit ahead of your time, and the role models you’ve been looking toward are a bit behind the times! Now’s the time for all of us to take our relationships to the next level.

Discover the communication tools, insights, and principles I’ve implemented not only within myself, within my relationships with other powerful women and extraordinary men, but also with my clients and workshop participants these last eight years. Learn how I live into the relationship life that’s beyond whatever I could have dreamt up for myself. Meet and listen to some of the best role models I know of for today’s women and men. Learn how to live and love into these changing, transformative times and be glorious, radiant and lit-up all the while!

Let me share with you how I learned to be empowered – and how that actually drew my ideal relationship toward me. Let me share with you how I’m both able to celebrate my empowered sisters and understand men in totally new ways. Let me offer myself as a role model who lives what she teaches: I am matched by an amazing man who truly supports all I desire, and who enjoys both my butt-kicking, “get things done,” masculine side and my delicious, receptive, ever-shifting feminine side.

For the men who are trying to grasp how to attract and hold onto us willfully powerful women, and to my sisters out there trying to balance both sides of yourself, I’m looking forward to sharing with you both all that has allowed me to help thousands of men and women navigate these new, complex yet exciting relationship times.

To your power AND your partnerships!”

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LiYana Silver, Relationship Expert
3:34pm, Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

As you were growing up, whether it was explicitly or implicitly, you probably picked up on who had the power – and who didn’t. Perhaps you, like so many of us, were role modeled by your parents’ out-dated and conventional ways of attempting to interact with the opposite sex and your own sex. Popular culture and the media don’t do a lot to inform our real lives either. Without role models in the public eye for us to draw our cues from, many of us are stumbling lost through our relationship and dating worlds sure of only one thing: this ain’t it!

Culture has been shifting so fast that we are the now ones on the cutting edge.

“It would have been entirely foreign and impossible to address this stuff during my marriage. Although I’m not there any more, this class has shown me that apparently I need to work really hard not to fall flat on my face so badly “next” time! I really appreciate your being around in my life right now.”
~ Sarah P., San Francisco

It’s time for a comprehensive blast of information, principles, tools and skills – as well as time-tried advice from the mouths of experts and real-life role models – to help all of us out!

“At this point in my life, I’m really seeking female mentors… and I’m just super appreciative that you’re doing the work that you’re doing.”
~ Amanda C., San Francisco

“It’s totally great to hear [man/woman dynamics] articulated in this way … I would say that a woman who brings THIS to her interactions with a man is going to find herself in a relationship with a powerful man!”
~ Jonathan A., Chicago

“You are a glittering, galivanting delight. I love you finesse, wildness, disregard of convention, and your courage.”
~ Jena L, New York

It’s time for …

Powerful Woman AND Partnership:

Is It Possible?



This is an amazing compendium of powerful audio classes along with a workbook package full of class notes, exercises, at-home practices, resources, communication tools, and perspectives on empowerment.

My intention for creating it is for you to come away with an upgraded understanding of yourself and of the opposite sex. My intention is that you come away with a tool box you can apply immediately so you can step into your most empowered, brilliant self AND into an extraordinary, passionate partnership, as you choose to.

Already clear this is for you?

Wait, I have to tell you one thing first:

I am so excited and committed that you join me and the flocks of powerful women out here that it is not enough for me to just offer you this comprehensive, chock-full information product. I want you to fully and seamlessly integrate – and live! – this cutting-edge information.

Now, I get paid a LOT of money for mentoring, counseling and coaching, and I have to tell you both my business coach and my board of advisers keep telling me I’m crazy to offer all this for so little. In fact, conservative estimates would indicate that I’m setting myself up to lose thousands of dollars… if not tens of thousands… in lost income.

So I wouldn’t think too long about this one, if I were you.

MeaganFranzen“The Powerful Woman series finally revealed to me what’s been going on with all of my ‘failed relationships.’

“I am in my early 30’s and was brought up by a feminist mom who was challenged by social norms in the Midwest. I always knew I was in the drivers seat in my life, but kept having lovers call me “crazy b*#ch” when I thought I was stepping into my power.

After listening to the series, I realized that the biggest blow ups occurred when I was feeling imbalanced – more masculine energy than feminine, when my ‘well was dry.’ I didn’t have the tools or the language to be able to communicate with my guy about how to support me — or at least in a way that made sense to him.

Now that I’m a newly divorced mom of a toddler and thinking about relationships again someday, I realize that all these external demands require that I “put on my oxygen mask first” – that I make sure my needs are met and I am balanced, so that I can be the woman I want to be for my son, my family, my business and someday for a lover.”

Megan Franzen, Mom & Entrepreneur
New York

JessicaG“After listening to the Powerful Woman AND Partnership podcasts, I’m yet again blown away by the profound wisdom that LiYana provides”

“Her conversation with her colleague, Reid Mihalko, was particularly powerful for me, as it created a framework to form around and process all the craziness that has been happening in my love life.

I wish that every guy I’ve ever dated could have access to this information.

No – I wish that every guy in the world could have access to this information, as I can only imagine how much more fulfilling, fun, and fabulous our relationships and our world would be.”

~ Jessica Grippo, Holistic Health Counselor
New York

If you want to take your partnerships, your dating, your friendships, and your self-awareness to the next level and are in need of vetted resources, a transparent role model and solid advice on how to make it happen, then Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? was created for you and is just the thing you’ve been waiting for!

I guarantee it.

As a woman and a Relationship Expert and coach, I understand how important being able to change your mind is, and so, this incredible series of audio podcast classes, workbook notes, exercises and resource guide comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Simply put, if you don’t get what you want, I don’t want your money.


Join me as I cover some of the best, cutting-edge wisdom, exercises and practices to understanding today’s unique relationship power dynamics – as well deepening your beautiful relationship with you – and with the opposite sex! And, absorb it all, risk free, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

“…a deep, practical, yet methodical approach to healing both yourself and your relationships.
I give it 5 stars and you should start using it tonight before you sleep.”

~ T.B., Oregon

I’ve made it irresistible to dive in, haven’t I?

That’s my plan!

So go ahead and checkout Powerful Woman AND Partnership




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What your Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? kit includes…

Four in-depth, amazing audio podcast recordings:

PWPCDSide200x150Class One:
Powerful Women AND Partnership: Things Women Should Know

Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver welcomes Reid Mihalko to examine ways women can tap into our own power and integrate both our masculine and feminine essences. This class also covers the basic ways of communicating powerfully with men so that we don’t have to “turn the volume down” on how powerful we truly are. Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? lays out simple building blocks for woman the world over to get back in touch with all of who we are and how we can share that powerfully with our friends and lovers!

PWPCDSide200x150Class Two:
Sexy, Radiant & Confident: The Three Simple Secrets

LiYana discloses the three simple secrets to your most delicious, integrated self – and then actually reveals a fourth secret! This class provides women with the principles, exercises and tools to uncover your radiance, uncork your sexiness and recover your confidence! You know those women who just “glow?” It is your birthright to be one of them. This class reminds you; since in some place inside you, you already know.

PWPCDSide200x150Class Three:
Ask-A-Woman: A Panel of Expert Women Answer Questions of Power & Partnership

Relationship Specialist LiYana Silver rounds up a powerful pack of women experts to answer questions about relationship dynamics and discuss their thoughts on both being empowered women as well as how to be in relationships with empowered women!

Join Sera Beak, Harvard-trained theology scholar, author of “The Red Book,” Spiritual Cowgirl and producer of the upcoming film, Redvolution; Barbara Carellas of UrbanTantra.com, host of “Sex … With Barbara Carellas” on Hay House Radio and author of “Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century” and “Luxurious Loving: Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure”; and Candida Royalle, author of “How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman who Knows,” creatrix of Femme Productions, Inc. and Natural Contours which makes erotic films and sensual products that speak to and from the vital voice of a woman’s perspective.

PWPCDSide200x150Class Four:
Holding Space for Powerful Women: Things Men Should Know

Join Relationship Specialists LiYana Silver & Reid Mihalko again as they tackle relationships with powerful women from the man’s perspective!

Learn how the nuances of the man/woman power dynamic have shifted since the 60’s and why so many women are getting angry at today’s “nice guys.” Learn what we can do as men and women to quell the anger and build deep, trusting relationships. This class is a must for men to understand and hold space for empowered women as well as for women who want to learn how to better communicate with men about their relationship realities!

It’s a celebration of strong women and how there can be wonderful connections with men…”

“Ask-A-Woman” offers a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on some remarkable conversations among relationship and communication experts who can serve as rare guides to navigate often confusing, intimidating terrain of engaging and connecting with powerful women.

The panelists interact with LiYana Silver’s warm anchoring of each conversation with ease and welcome the listener into a world of considering relationship challenges from a fresh, optimistic point of view.

Across each of these conversations are nuggets of wisdom, reassurance, and support that leave the listener feeling more confident and comfortable with reaching out to build new connections, or to make established relationships stronger. The affirmation of these patient, respectful experts, with a nice, sassy twist of spirit and sensuality, leaves the listener in an upbeat frame of mind, feeling ready to step back from the war of the sexes and to start setting up that party instead.

It’s a celebration of strong women and how there can be wonderful connections with men, while being true to oneself and making a special, spicy place for the other!”

Elizabeth Levi
New Jersey

The 82-Page Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? Workbook

PWPWorkbook200x196Designed as a companion to the Class Recordings, this 82-page workbook compendium and resource guide can be used to follow along with each class or read separately.

The Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? Workbook and Resource Guide covers…

  • The salient points and ideas contained in each Class Recording
  • Explanations and examples of concepts, terms and lingo
  • Practical exercises and at-home practices to take what you’re learning and begin applying it to your life and your relationships
  • An extensive resource guide of the books and websites that are mentioned throughout the Class Recordings
  • Bios and contact information for each of the experts on the Class Recordings

_star-4aPLUS: over $247 worth of FREE Bonus Items!

Free Bonus #1:
Enlightened Flirting: Taming the Voices in Your Head
with Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver
(audio class recording)

Still searching for your ever-elusive glow and radiance? Feel incapacitated by the viciously self-defeating voices in your own head?

Far from frivolous, flirting is the key to your kingdom. Uncover what stops you, how to move beyond being stopped, and how to step boldly into enjoying and celebrating who you are. Learn to apply a simple and sweet three-step process from Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver, to tame those crazy voices so you can experience more peace, self-confidence and enjoyment immediately. Whether it’s at a bar, at home or at work, you’ll learn how to fearlessly flirt – with enlightenment!

Free Bonus #2:
Ask-A-Woman #2: Your Burning Questions Answered
Moderated by Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver (audio class recording)

Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver welcomes experts Edie Moser, interfaith minister, freelance writer and stand for women’s pleasure; Kassy Shekelhoff, PhD and senior teacher at Morhouse, a living collective started in teh 60’s offering courses on communication, sensuality, the man/woman dynamic; and Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena), author of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and teacher of the Womanly Arts Mastery Program, teaching women how to harness the power of pleasure to have their way with the world. Fan the flames of your desires with this panel of experts!

Free Bonus #3:
Batting The Eight-Armed Octopus of Jealousy
with Dr. Beth
Leszczyn and Reid Mihalko (audio class recording)

When it comes to jealousy, many of us are left feeling like superstitious sailors who whisper of an almighty leviathan that will inevitably come for us. And when the Green-Eyed Monster rises from our emotional depths, we usually find ourselves powerless to stop it’s many arms from tearing our relationship-world apart. Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko and Dr. Beth Lecszen for their latest informative and humorous teleclass designed to help you tackle the ugly, eight-tentacled octopus of jealousy! It’s time YOU learned how to kick jealousy’s butt!

Free Bonus #4:
Ask-A-Man: Your Burning Questions Answered by a Panel of Expert Men!
Moderated by Relationship Specialist, LiYana Silver
(audio class recording)

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the mind of a man?

This is your chance to get your burning questions answered by a panel of expert men! In this lively class recording you’ll get it straight from the horse’s mouth on everything from body image and communication to sex, love and commitment. Stop making yourself crazy with wondering, wailing and guessing – Ask-A-Man!

Free Bonus #5:
Free Subscription to LiYana’s Redefining Monogamy Mailing List!

You can anticipate:

  • Bare With Me: my stimulating, saucy quarterly newsletter
  • Weekly Mini’s: juicy, bite-sized relationship tips
  • The Skinny: zesty, compelling upcoming events
  • Plus two Free Reports:
    – Keeping Cool: The Top Tips For Diffusing Reactivity
    – A Strict Diet Of Appreciation

“As I go through the course, I am enjoying your viewpoints and tasteful approach to helping women break out into their full expression of all that they ARE. Thank you for your work.”
~ Julia C.

“This is so exquisitely simple yet so powerful. 

You have an amazing talent with words, and with deciphering the essence of
 being human. Thank you for sharing your gifts. The universe will in turn give back to you.”
~ Carolina B.

What you will experience and learn in Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

Designed to give you useful information that’s delivered in an accessible, frank, and enjoyable conversation and reinforced by Q&A alongside a workbook with bonus exercises, at-home practices, and resources, Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? will guide you from whatever your current state of relationship frustration and confusion is, through the introduction of new concepts and perspectives, and into pragmatic, real-life application so you can begin creating the relationship that most deeply calls to you!

  • In this product, and then in our sessions, we’ll be going over exercises for you to practice that will enliven your sensuality, get you “right” (in a positive frame of mind) with yourself, and begin to bring your life into alignment with your passions and desires.

  • We will cover skill sets for how to know, ask for and get what it is that makes you happiest – in ways that doesn’t end up in bruised egos, mis-communications, and misunderstandings.

  • You will learn not only how to feel more confident and powerful, but also more receptive and fluid. And wait until you take all that empowerment into the bedroom! Begin to speak up for yourself in ways that create more freedom, more communication, more juice and more intimacy. You will learn how to shift from feeling like enemies or adversaries to truly being on the same team with those you love.

  • You will understand how and where women and men are missing the boat on relating. Learn more about how men are being “too sensitive” and what exactly is making the “powerful” women of today so angry. Understand the current “state of relationships” so you’ve got the best information at your fingertips for transforming your love life!

  • Discover how to tap into your own power and how to turn on and integrate all facets of your being. Figure out how to communicate better with both sexes so you can receive – and give – the support that nourishes you.

  • Learn how to be a better partner, communicator and listener to the ones you love! Find out the ways men and women differ in how they listen and communicate and how you can better “hear” them.

  • Begin empowering yourself and those around you to have the relationships that make you feel like fantastic!

I am so appreciative of these tools and practices. They’ve allowed me to attract an unbelievably sexy, powerful and successful man and they’ve allowed us to form the foundation of our amazing relationship.

For those of us who are struggling with the delicate balancing act of being powerful and sensitive, I know your struggle, so take solace that you’re not alone and celebrate that I’ve taken my years worth of experience, my extensive resources and connections, and gathered some of the best experts and fore-thinkers on relationships and communication tools and poured all the shared wisdom and knowledge into this package.

JennEddenThis course … helped me create a more open space for my husband and I to talk more intimately about our deepest desires and wishes.”

“This course is a great tool if you’re looking to juice up your life and your relationship with yourself. LiYana’s out-of-the box thinking and recommendations were a simple reminder to take time to accept and appreciate me and that I have the control to juice up my life any time I want…sometimes it just requires some ‘house cleaning’ … and I’m not talking about vacuuming!

Being joyfully married to a great guy for over six years is a challenge in itself…add the daily responsibilities of being a mom and a solo-preneur and something’s got to give. LiYana’s insightful and thought-provoking course really helped me to redefine my relationship with me and helped me create a more open space for my husband and I to talk more intimately about our deepest desires and wishes.

LiYana’s course was most refreshing and inspiring! I still think back to some of the recommendations and smile! You should have heard some of the conversations we were having last month!”

Jenn Edden, Focused Living Coach
New York

Julienne WI have referred my friends and family to this course – which alone should say a lot!

“Listening to Powerful Woman AND Partnership was a whole different experience than I expected. As woman, it was a rare experience to view a man’s interpretation of what a woman needs and what is behind her actions. I also enjoyed the discussion of the dance between strength and sensitivity – a topic well addressed in this course.

I greatly enjoyed LiYana’s insights facilitation and coaching; she is a dynamic and powerful woman and gives fresh perspectives, options for social change and new ways of relating to one another. This course offers powerful tools for the personal growth that is required to raise to a new level of relationship and spiritual change. I have referred my friends and family to this course – which alone should say a lot! Thank you, LiYana.”

Julienne Waters
New York

Picture 2LiYana and her guest experts redefine power in relationship to serve both partners.”

“In the program, Powerful Woman AND Partnership, LiYana Silver slices through the Gordian knot of intimate relationships to get to the meat of the issues. She then cooks it up and serves it up – with fries and a shake to boot!

LiYana and her guest experts redefine power in relationship to serve both partners. LiYana gives a three step process that will help defeat that limiting mind voice inside your head; Reid spells out action plans to help you integrate your masculine and feminine energies. Then these relationship experts make powerful recommendations for more resources to help make your love life the most fulfilling experience you have ever known.”

Diego Garcia, Dating Coach & Writer
San Francisco

Catapult your understanding and ability to be truly, radiantly powerful – while in relationship with powerful men and women – right now!

Powerful Woman AND Partership:

Is It Possible?



Picture 1

Let these down-to-earth, info-packed conversations and practical resources take you from frustrated and confused to clear and confident!

* Married for twenty-five years?

* Single and not sure you want to enter the dating pool?

* Can’t figure out why you’re angry at him or why she’s angry at you?

No matter what your relationship status is or how frustrated you are with relationships, become better at relating while you lean how to empower yourself and your lover. Learn how to have your lover feel seen and met and dissolve their anger and frustration by being powerful, too.

“The world is not so dark and sad after all, the future might just be beautiful and it’s all worth a try!
Thank you LiYana!”

~ Angelika K., Massage Therapist, Germany

“Even when you are dealing with uncomfortable subjects, LiYana makes it lighter and fun, and she’s so gentle, yet direct and to the point.”
~Rosalinda P., Chef, New York & Mexico

“LiYana has a gift that is hard to put into words. She provides a peaceful, safe, inspired, juicy energy to be with, that leads to healing and endless pleasures.”
~ Heather C., MTV Producer, New York

So how much does Powerful Women AND Partnership cost?

star “How much is being ME AND being in partnership work to me?”

star“How much is being MET in my relationship, and how much is having my partner feel safe, seen and empowered worth to me?”

Really think about it…

starThese four extraordinary Class Recordings…

starThese six Free Bonuses…

starThe expert advice, tools, skils, exercises, at-home practices and tips for powerfully creating partnership with both sexes direct from the minds and mouths of some of the world’s leading relationship authorities all jam-packed insidePowerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? kit…

How much would you guess?

$500? $750?

How about $1,000?

With the incredible amount of content you’re getting, my board of advisors have already told me that it’s a steal at $1,000. But I’m not going to do that.

Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

costs a lot less than you think…

I was once where you are right now, trying to figure out who I was, what I wanted in relationship, what made me happy, and how to communicate at all. I was desperate to find people who understood me, men who could match me, love me, and understand me – and with whom I COULD SIMPLY BE ME!

I also know how hard it can be to integrate your love life and your work life and what a frustrating it can be when you feel like there’s no hope left.

So, I’ve made it easy for you! No excuses to say “No” …

I’ve priced Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? at “steal” of a deal, so no one gets to use “it costs too much” as an excuse.

I’m committed you emerge as the brilliant, gorgeous, expressed powerful woman you were born to be, without sacrificing intimacy, commitment, relationship and deep love. I want you to have the relationship with yourself and the relationship life you want most.

I know this will help you, and I also know that you’ll spread the word when are happy and satisfied as a result of this product and our sessions together – and I’ll make my money because the folks you send my way will also be ordering Powerful Women AND Partnership!

The entire Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? package

can be yours today for only




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And don’t forget, you have zero risk.

Try it out for 30 days,

and even if on day 30 you haven’t gotten all you want,

I’ll return all your money. Simple.


Tazima “I love and trust my current partner to a level I never thought possible.”

As a result of working with LiYana, through courses and coaching, I am more self aware, more compassionate and accepting of myself. I have been able to get back in the driver’s seat of my life, leave my corporate job and start my own business.

My whole outlook has changed and I am now confident about moving forward, after a painful divorce.

I am in a beautiful new relationship that he and I are both co-creating, from the ground up. I love and trust my current partner to a level I never thought possible.”

Tazima Davis, Wellness Coach
Washington, D.C

Reid“Most of us are feeling completely lost … and LiYana has just the thing!”

“Today’s dating and relationship dynamics have shifted, because of feminism and the sexual revolution, so much that what’s occurring, in my expert opinion has never happened before. So it stands to reason that most of us are feeling completely lost and the “old paradigms,” even those that were useful ten years ago, have become obsolete like a PC from the 90’s!

Today’s relationship dynamics are like an emerging technology that has no applications for it yet! We need some useful apps and someone to guide us through the installation process and LiYana has just the thing!

Male or female, single or dating or married or divorced: Listen to Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? because it’s going to explain why so many women are feeling so frustrated with relationships and why so many of us sensitive guys can’t figure out why so many women are mad at us!”

Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Educator
New York, Los Angeles & San Francisco

How do I know Powerful Women AND Partnership will catapult to the next level your understanding of power, partnership, dating, relationships, marriage, the opposite sex and yourself?

You and I are very much cut from the same cloth….

Believe me when I tell you that I wasn’t born a relationship innovator. Understanding men, and even understanding myself and the complex world of relationships wasn’t something I was born with.

To be blunt, I messed up every single relationship before the one I am in now. I lied, cheated, smothered them, scared them off, you name it. I found men frustrating, incomprehensible and distant. And I found myself confused, desperate, irrational and downright mean at times, and sometimes without seeming reason or explanation.

What made it worse was that I would have these extraordinary but brief glimpses of experiencing myself as this amazingly radiant and powerful woman! A force of nature to be reckoned with!… And then, as quickly as I found my power, I would lose it, or, worse, I would squash it outright because I didn’t believe I deserved it. Or I didn’t think that’s what the men I was involved with, wanted. And the men I used to choose to surround myself with were well-meaning, but clumsy, clunky men whom couldn’t seem to meet or match me.

I tried really hard to fight the good fight and see my fellow men as allies in this quickly shifting relationship world, but everyone man I was interested in was a disappointment. None of them could leave me feeling safe and inspired and excited.

And, the harder I strove to communicate what I was feeling, the less these men were able to take charge and answer my needs. And I began to grow despondent and angry. I even tried to communicate and connect with my fellow sisters, but to no avail.

I felt like I was competing for scarce resources, I felt alone and I felt like all I had as a consolation prize was to forge on ahead into my career and be as successful as I could.

Over the years, I became more and more frustrated and confused with men. It seemed to me that I wasn’t able to find a man with whom I could feel safe and seen by. It seemed that, the more work I did on myself and the more empowered I became as a woman, the more and more disappointed I became with men. And I loved men!

And it wasn’t that they were bad guys, either. I have had wonderful luck with meeting good men, but they just couldn’t make me feel matched. I began to ask, “What am I missing here? What’s actually happening?” I had already begun dedicating my life to understanding men and relationships, so I set out to find whatever else it was that I was missing. I very much wanted and knew I could create an extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship with an incredible man who understands me and can handle me, but I needed to learn more!

I set about learning everything I could about true partnerships and dove deeper into the nuances of male/female dynamics. I began interviewing and hanging out with powerful, successful women who were also successful in their relationship lives. I interviewed powerful men and women who were failures in their relationships as well to see what they might be doing wrong. I continued to get my hands on anything about romance and relationships, sexual dynamics and communication. If someone was giving a lecture, I went. If there was a seminar, I took it. A book, I read it.

Through this process, I learned three things:

_star-4aBeing a powerful woman doesn’t mean you have to give up ever having a deep, committed partnership. In fact, when you prioritize YOU and what makes you come alive, when you are able to open the fist that’s holding so tightly to having it all, that’s what allows for the partnership to arrive and blossom.

_star-4aBeing a sensitive man doesn’t mean you have to give up your masculine side. Women love that you have or have developed your masculine side. And we also value your masculinity – your potent presence. We welcome – and need – both!

_star-4aAnd empowered women can find men who can handle us! They are out there! But we’ll never find them, meet them or manifest them when we are dried up, pissed off, unhappy husks of the selves we truly want to be.

“I’ve transformed my listening of men. I now understand my husband, for the first time in six years.”
~ Rosa F., Sales Training Manager, San Francisco

“I have learned so much from LiYana, especially about myself as a woman and what that really means to me; about relationships with myself and with others and particularly an intimate relationship with a man.

I’d sort of given up on finding a good relationship, but I’m now with a man who is great, very loving, caring and thoughtful. We laugh a lot and he actually says what he feels and is very sweet; I like him a lot and I love how I feel with him.”
~ Rosalinda Paez., Chef, New York & Mexico

I was relieved to discover that I could be as powerful and driven as I wanted and embrace my feminine side, and, best of all, that I could find a man who could match me! And not only match me, but hold space for me to surrender into.

I was excited to discover ways that I could encourage my partner to integrate his sensitive side and his “take control” manly side so that I could enjoy the best of both worlds, and that he and I could enjoy all of one another!

Today, I have that extraordinary, hot, fun, amazing relationship I longed for – and it all started with three questions:

_star-4aWhat IS power, after all?

_star-4aHow do you remain powerful and balanced as a man or as a woman? Do you only become powerful yourself if others are less powerful?

_star-4aWhat can women and men do to attract partners who not only can “handle them” but who want them to be kick-ass powerful and glorious?

I began seeing a way that we, as powerful human beings, could make a quantum leap over the divide of the sexes and meet as empowered equals in a collaborative dance called relationship.

All of a sudden, I could see how being radiant and empowered would automatically begin to attract a partner who would naturally celebrate who I am and be strong enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about overwhelming him or her.

Finally, I could relax and let go and surrender, something I had been longing to do in my relationship life!

And the best thing was that I had amassed a great collection of honest, intimate, knock-your-socks-off communication tools along with my growing self-awareness and self-possession skills that were ready to be poured into my love life! I was ready to take my relationship world to the next level….

Friends and colleagues tell me all the time they want to be able to create a partnership like I have with my fiancée.

How did I attract such a powerful and successful guy who showers me with attention and leaves me feeling seen and met?

How do we support one another in embracing our masculine and feminine sides at the same time and integrating them powerfully?

How do we get through the rough and rocky patches that occur naturally in relationships while deepening our intimacy and understanding of one another and ourselves?

My fellow ladies and gentlemen,
we don’t need to turn down the radiant volume on who we are
or become less sensitive to have successful relationships.

Let me show you how you can have it ALL!


Powerful Woman AND Partnership:

Is It Possible?



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This series of audio classes, workbook and resource guide is available with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Take a closer look at what I’m talking about in the privacy of your own home without having to fly across country to attend an expensive conference or a workshop.

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Powerful Woman AND Partnership:

Is It Possible?



You might be thinking to yourself:

star“Ok, I’d like to believe that there is a man out there who can meet me and make me feel safe, but I’m nervous!”

starOr, “I’d like to think I can be truly confident and expressed and not have to choose between that or a relationship, but after so much time, I can’t help but be skeptical.”

starOr, if you’re a man, perhaps you’re thinking, “I know I’m a great listener and I’m sensitive and she’s still mad at me, so perhaps your tools and skills aren’t going to work for me! Can you guarantee me that you can help?”

I realize how hard it can be to shake your relationship history, especially when you’ve been trying really hard to create win-wins for yourself and your partners and your good intentions have been knocked around by the dating scene.

As someone who’s been a horrible communicator, and tied myself in all kinds of knots in hopes of making past relationships work, I get it. By now, so many of us are just plain old exhausted and ready to throw in the towel on relationships altogether!

However, if you’re anywhere near where I used to be in my relationships, how I used to communicate and my understanding of men and women, I’m a living, breathing example of how these classes and the information contained therein are going to help you just like they did me!

Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? participants have already discovered…

  • New, cutting edge ways of viewing what’s going on in today’s relationship world so that you can finally realize it’s not your fault and it’s not their fault! Yep, you heard that right! No more blaming yourself for “not getting it.”
  • Why you can let up on him – and her. Why? Because what’s actually happening in today’s relationship world is something that none of us have any guidelines for until now. Why? Because the frustration in the dating and relating scene is coming from within the scene itself and not so much us! And, best of all, knowing and understanding what’s happening is the key to unlocking the door on all of this frustration.
  • Where to look on the Web and what books to read for the best communication tools and resources: No more having to Google search and click through countless webpages! I will direct you to the websites and organizations and teachers that supported me as a lit-up woman and in creating the relationship life I pinch myself daily over! Don’t waste time and energy scouring the World Wide Web for the best resources when I can spoon-feed you the best of the best!
  • Communication tools that make relationships run more smoothly: The skill sets that allow women and men to be hear and listen one another you can apply immediately! Upgrade your relationship experiences and make your world and the world of your partners easier today!
  • How to avoid having to reinvent the wheel: Why should you have to make the same mistakes everyone else is making? These new concepts contained in this product have the potential to radically transform your relationships! And the expert advice from my esteemed peers was hard-earned, so take advantage of our combined decades of research and hands-on living and loving, and catapult you and your loved ones into a powerful partnership.
  • Learning from the experts: We open up and share from our own life experiences, so you know that what we’re talking about actually works! We want you to know that not only is being a powerful woman or man possible, but that you deserve relationships in your life that make you feel safe and seen and happy to be alive. We were able to do it and you can, too!
  • How to upgrade your relationship and communication skills no matter what your relationship status. Discover how to become better at relating, communicating effectively and creating intimacy than you were before you ordering this kit was even a twinkle in your eye!

Order Powerful Women AND Partnership Today – 100% Risk Free!

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As I said before, I get paid a LOT of money for mentoring, counseling and coaching, and I have to tell you both my business coach and my board of advisers keep telling me I’m crazy to offer all this for so little.

Please note that I do reserve the right to increase the price at any time, and I have done so once already.

SO, I wouldn’t think too long about this one, if I were you!

Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? is an amazing resource and learning opportunity designed to help you with your journey into the uncharted seas of 21st Century relationships.

Together, we can make “setting sail” a whole lot calmer…

And if you really think about it,

Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

is an investment in your happiness and the happiness of your partners!

Imagine what having to go to a relationship counselor for years would cost you to save your relationship, or what hiring a divorce lawyer is going to set you back? And that’s not even taking into account the emotional stress and wear and tear having to figure out all of this from scratch would cost you.

Order Powerful Women AND Partnership: Is It Possible? Today

and try it Risk Free!

“I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.”
~ Megan F.

“I just really love the real-world techniques that I can use tonight. The chocolate body painting… Blindfolding him to allow her to do what she would like to do to him. It’s just a genius idea and I really like those pragmatic solutions!
~ Diego G.

“I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful reinforcement that I received for three of my favorite things: flirting, breathing (in and out of bed), and making sounds (in and out of bed)! Thank you!”
~ Ben G.

“LiYana planted a beautiful seed in me that I am now cultivating into quality relationships with myself and others. I have never enjoyed myself this much!”
~ Pina D.

So download Powerful Woman AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

Listen to the Class Recordings and study the workbook.

Then do some of the exercises and at-home practices, talk about the concepts and ideas with your friends and loved ones, and the communication exercises.

If, after doing that, you have not begun to see your own brilliance emerge and the possibility of extraordinary partnership as a result, then contact me and

I will refund 100% your money… up to a FULL 30 days after your purchase.

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People all over the world are beginning to create partnerships RIGHT NOW from the information contained in Powerful Women AND Partnership.

But the question is… why aren’t you?

Are you going to stay on your current relationship course and keep struggling in your dating or your love life or, worse, go on stuck with a relationship that is stifling you, rife with wonky relationship dynamics… or are you going to take charge of your future, empower yourself and embark on exploring what is possible and putting into practice… being powerfully seen, heard, and leaving those you care about feeling empowered, seen and heard, too!

Powerful Woman AND Partnership: Is It Possible? is what you’ve been searching for and I’ve made it as simple and as irresistible as possible to get started, and all you have to do is click the link below …

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To your power and your partnerships!

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LiYana Silver, Relationship Specialist

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100% Risk Free!

(Your investment is protected by my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee)


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