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Dear “Overworked-Overwhelmed-and-Over-It” Woman:

LiYana here, of Love 3.0. Relationship Expert and Coach.

Thanks for what it took for you to get to this page!

Listen, I have to get right to it and be straight with you: Nothing makes me sadder than seeing bright, beautiful women – like you – stuck in ruts.

Maybe this describes your day-to-day, more than you’d like to admit:

  • You’re busier than you ever have been.
  • You know you should feel grateful for all you have going for you, but something still feels missing.
  • When you think about getting naked, you’d rather just disappear!
  • Your body can barely keep up with you (and you’re not helping by what you put it in!)
  • Can you say, serious self-doubt and zero confidence?
  • When working hard isn’t enough, you work harder – but you’re mainly repaid with stress and anxiety.

I know that’s not what you want – and we both know it’s not what you deserve

It’s more like you want …

  • To feel sexy and confident in your body!
  • A de-stressed, passion-filled life you love – and that loves you back
  • To bounce out of bed in the morning with more energy and pizzazz!
  • To wake up your inner sassy, sensual woman – and bring her out to play
  • The certainty for how to get your life back on track when it derails
  • Easy access to inspiring women mentors who walk their talk
  • To know that what you invest your time and money in will yield you lasting results – and then some!

Good stuff, huh?  It’s your birthright.

If you could have gotten all that through your intelligence and diligence, I know you would have it all already – and in spades.

Your smarts and hard work – and hoping to the find the time, sometime – aren’t the things that will get you there.

There are two things that will, however!

#1) It has to start with YOU investing in YOU, taking a stand for you own sustainability.

#2) Each area of your WHOLE LIFE has to be fed, not just one area.

There are Seven Main Areas:








When you are fed, in each of these areas, you blossom. You shine.  You feel – and know yourself to be – capable, juicy and fully alive.

So, I’ve gone and done something rather remarkable, if I do say so myself…

Let me describe it this way:

Let’s say you have a birthday coming up and you decide to celebrate and get a new dress.  So you go to your favorite store and you find just the one.

But for some reason, that day the store is including the shoes also.

And the stockings.

And the purse.

And the necklace and the earrings and the anklet. And dinner reservations, the champagne and the strawberries.  And the massage, facial and mani-pedi beforehand. And the limo to get you there and back!

You get not just the dress, but the WHOLE birthday event.

All for the cost of the dress.

That’s what Reclaim Your Radiance is: your ‘whole birthday event’ equivalent for the happy, healthy, whole, radiant YOU.

Please give a warm welcome to …

Reclaim Your Radiance

22 Keys to the Passionate and Powerful YOU – Inside and Out

It’s a compilation of the best works of 22 women experts, who will each ROCK YOUR WORLD in in one of the Seven Main Areas.

22 works, each hand-selected for what is truly going to make a difference for you.

For the price of about ONE.


No strings.

“OK, wow. I want Reclaim Your Radiance.”

Below you’ll find the layout of these 22. Browse around, scroll down, peruse…

But! Please prepare to be inspired and have your socks blown off!

You’ll likely know many of them, and be a bit star-struck by others! – and some will be new to you.

I can tell you, each is phenomenal expert and mentor I am proud to keep company with.

Some other folks that also think they are phenomenal:

You know, I asked each of the 22 experts, when I was compiling Reclaim Your Radiance, why they did it.

I asked, “Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What is your intention or greatest wish, for the woman receiving your work?”

Here are some of their replies:

“So you will recognize that you are magnificent – in a deep, deep way that nothing to do with the ego.”

~ Victoria Moran, Living A Charmed Life

“Wake up your Inner Sensual Woman and bring her out to play!”

~ Hilary Nicolls, Reignite Your Sexual Spark

“That you have the
peace of mind that you are doing the right things for your health, and your family’s.”

~ Leanne Ely, Losing It With Leanne

“That you have the art and science of
how to turn yourself on, even at the grocery store! (It is ABSOLUTELY NOT what you think!)”

~ Alisa Vitti, Hot Mama Health

“So that you remember how to tap into – and live from –
your true happiness and self-love, found within.”

~ Sara Avant Stover, Feminine Radiance and Nutrition Kit

“I want the women who receive my work to
feel energized, confident and beautiful again and know they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.”

– Monica Shah, Do It Yourself Detox

“That you re-discover your natural power and prosperity and
gain order in your money-life so you can be a generous giver and a gracious receiver.”

~ Karen Russo, Escaping The Money Traps

“So you
unlock your inner, irresistible sassy self, accessorized by graceful communication, deep confidence in yourself and sizzling, magical relationships.”

~ LiYana Silver, Man-Speak Made Easy

“That you own it, live it – and pass on an empowered legacy.”

~ J.J. Virgin, Red Carpet Ready

All 22 of us, we are dying to hand you an extraordinary set of tools. 22 tools to be exact!

All for about the price of about one.

I’ll say that again:

22 highest-quality works from brilliant, wisdom-holding women,

all for the price of about ONE.

And, the time is now.

This is only available for 11 days.

On July 8 at 11:59pm Eastern time, it goes away.

“Say no more. I want Reclaim Your Radiance to be mine.”

Have some Ifs, ANDs, or BUTs?

Now, I know you may be most interested in ONE of the Seven Main Areas right now, like your body. Or spirituality. Or food.

It’s OK to start with ONE. Start with the expert’s work in area that calls loudest to you – and simply save the others for later in the year, when the other areas of your life start to cry out for attention, too.

Don’t plan to use ALL 22 of these expert works?

Again, no worries, focus on the ones that are the neatest fit to you and your life. Consider the rest bodacious bonuses!

But keep in mind that you’d need to spend over $2,800.00 (and a whole lot of your precious time!) to collect these 22 works individually, so even if you plan on focusing on a few, you can’t lose.

I know money is tight these days,

and it’s not always easy to justify investing in yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember

that a radiant, passionate, powerful YOU

is the #1 thing

that has everything else in your life fall beautifully into place.

And so I’ve made this is a 100% zero-risk investment.

If you don’t love the Reclaim Your Radiance package to pieces, simply request a refund within 30 days and you get your money back.

If you aren’t wildly satisfied, we don’t want your money. Simple.

And two fun factoids:

For all you geeky-goddess types, 22 happens to be the number of the goddess.

And for all you geeky-contribution types, 11% of profits from this will be donated to Kiva, my favorite microfinance organization.

What that means is that part of your investment in YOU will go to women in developing countries to start their own businesses. On a micro $$ amount, this third-world woman can turn around her life, her kids’ lives and the future of her community.

So, that’s the story.

We need you.

Your partners need you.

The world needs you.

But not the you that’s running on fumes.

We need your fully-expressed, happiest, healthiest,

sassiest self.

Together, we can bring out your light, and your powerful feminine radiance!

This is the life you came for, and it’s high time you got it.

So, go on, take a stroll through all 22 experts and their extraordinary works below.

Go through the check-list of everything you’ll walk away with in your shopping bag.

And enjoy all 22 extraordinary works that you’re getting for the ridiculous price of just one!

“Heck yeah, I want Reclaim My Radiance!”

Introducing …

The 22 Women Experts and their extraordinary products,

each in one of the Seven Main Areas:

Body, Food, Career, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality and Sensuality!