For every stale and ailing, failing and fizzling relationship, there is an ingredient list to whip it into tasty shape.  For each of your hankerings for juicy, sweet and strong relationships, there is a recipe.


You’ve got Blandification if …

*  It’s after the afterglow of the honeymoon phase, and you’re left with a dull sense that something isn’t right.
*  You are wondering, is this it? What did I get myself into? Did I make a mistake? Did I pick the wrong person?
*  You love each other, but monogamy has become monotony.
*  You are feeling boxed in, bored and you’re making each other miserable.
*  You are not sure if it’s going to last, if it’s going to work, or if you are going to make it.

Dr. Ruthless’ Recipe

Baby’s got (passion!) back!

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You’ve got Superwomanitis if …

*  Running after “having it all” is sapping your soul. Overwhelm is an understatement.
* You are used to doing for others and doing without – and your light has gone out in the process.
* You feel like you have to choose: you or the relationship; you or your career; your career or the relationship. Any way you slice it, it stings.
* The true flames within you and between you and your partner have died down to embers.  You’re getting tired of running on fumes.
* You wonder if lasting love is humanly possible.

Dr. Ruthless’ Recipe

Forget the milk. Got glow?

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You’ve got Impassification if…

* You want to do this whole relationship thing different, but you don’t know exactly what that would be – and you don’t want to mess up what you have.
* When you try to make it better, it ends up digging you deeper into the problem.
* You could be experiencing attraction for another – or serious bouts of jealousy – and you’re not sure how to fit that into your commitment to each-other.
* You might be wondering how to continue after infidelity or cheating.
* It would seem that either the relationship or an important part of you has to die off.

Dr. Ruthless’ Recipe

Rock out this hard place!

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