5 Ways to Magnify Your Sexiness with Sabrina Chaw

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Get Your Sexy ON
5 Ways to Magnify Your Sexiness and Keep the Juices Flowing

with Sabrina Chaw, Feminine Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert

Sure, you know you’re a sexual being. But whether you’re in relationship or not, there are times you don’t feel very sexual, right? Sometimes, you downright feel like you could do without a man altogether, or even when you’re with a man, your libido isn’t in sync with his. Why is this?

The answer has to do with sex hormones, stress hormones, sugar regulating hormones, thyroid hormones, neurotransmitters, and your emotional body as a Feminine being. Whew! Good news: I’ve arranged for a special interview with Sabrina Chaw who is going to distill down this whole complex matter for you!

In this exclusive (no sales) interview with Sabrina, you will:

• Learn how to balance your hormones so that sexuality is a joy, not an effort

• Discover the 3 Keys to amping up your sexy factor with food

• Learn to sustain your powerful force of attraction inside AND out of the bedroom

• Delight in getting your juices flowing without taking more time out of your day

There will be no big offers or sales on this interview; just a rich, in-depth class, as chock full of usable information as
if you paid to be there with this brilliant diva, Sabrina.

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Sabrina Chaw is a Feminine Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert, who holds a private practice in San Francisco.  Since 2001, Sabrina has inspired hundreds of women to embody the power and strength of their unique imprint and gifts as a woman.  Sabrina weaves both western and eastern modalities, including functional nutrition, yoga, tantra, dance, Ayurveda, and the work of David Deida, in guiding women to lead their lives with vitality, radiance, and passion. You can find her at http://www.afemininefeast.com