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#1. You can get my signature Self-Study Course, Get S.A.S.S.Y:

The Uncensored Women’s Guide To Pleasure and Power:
How To Get Him To “Figure Out” How To Be The Man Of Your Dreams Without Brow-Beating Him With What You Wish He Would Do (cuz that would be cheating and never works anyway!) AND How To Become The Woman Of Your Dreams, While You Are At It.

This option is ideal for you if:
You’re on a super tight budget – and you’re a minimalist at heart
You want a phenomenal course where you’ll decode men and slip into your baddest, sassiest, most confident woman-self yet!

Inside you’ll learn:

How to get your man to VOLUNTEER to do the dishes – if you’ve ever nagged him to do house stuff, that’s your first mistake! (This is so much easier…)
What men really want from women (it actually has nothing to do with sex!)
How to get him to talk about his feelings, happily listen to you, and treat you like a queen… all without him learning to read your mind
You’ll walk away with unreasonable amounts of sassy confidence, sure-fire inner knowing and that beaming GLOW that makes women undeniably irresistible

You can get it for nearly 75% off!
Normally $395 … now only $97


#2. Or, you can get the Big, Bad, Bodacious Bundle:

This option is ideal for you if:

You want it all. Period.
You know a tremendous value when you see one, and you don’t wait to snatch it up!
You want to stock your personal library with the key components for rockin’ relationships – from elegant communication and unshakable confidence to insider secrets for easy intimacy and a rock-star sensual life.

You’ll get:.

Get S.A.S.S.Y
The uncensored woman’s guide to understanding men, unreasonable amounts of sassy confidence, sure-fire inner knowing, and your undeniable GLOW that stops traffic and jump-starts epic love affairs!

Communication Made Easy
Express yourself elegantly, truly understand your partner, and turn around “stupid”and “serious” fights in an instant!

Powerful Woman AND Partnership: Is It Possible?
Give your intuition a voice and get the mindset and tools to transform the power struggle for good!

‘Access to the Experts’ Series
A-Z insider secrets for everything from pleasurable weight-loss & igniting your sexual spark to easy organization & unshakable happiness!

Get all four of my Self-Study Courses
valued at $786 …. for only $197


Below, you’ll learn all about which Self-Study courses are a fit for you.

You’ll learn what results, blossomings and transformations you can look forward to, when they become yours forever.

Warning: you’ll have to get off your seat quickly, since this will all go away at 11:59pm on Wed, June 15!!

Oh, and all Self-Study Courses are “eco-products,’ meaning there are NO physical CDs or workbooks shipped to you. Many trees and much gasoline will be saved, while you download the Self-Study courses directly to your computer!


Get S.A.S.S.Y.

The Uncensored Woman’s Guide to Pleasure and Power a.k.a. understanding men, unreasonable amounts of sassy-a*sed confidence, sure-fire inner knowing and your undeniable GLOW that stops traffic and jump-starts epic love affairs!

This is for women who …

* Always “lose” yourself in relationships
* Long to feel confident or comfortable in your own skin
* And are frustrated when your efforts to solve your issues only dig you deeper into painful patterns!

Why this is important for you:

Listen, if you are not currently feeling like you swallowed a 500-watt light-bulb and it’s shining out your eyes, heart and pores then, girlfriend, you need to Get a li’l S.A.S.S.Y!

Get the magic “man decoder ring” so you can understand men once and for all, get along better with them, and get the intimacy, romance, foreplay and easy communication with them that you want!

Turn down the mean, catty voices in your head

Learn simple self-care secrets so you can stop running on fumes (psssst: having needs doesn’t mean you are needy!)

Find the seat of your intuition, inner guidance, and your creative power

Get powered by pleasure: the one and only thing you need for true satisfaction and fulfillment in life and love

Discover what men really want (it’s not what you think!) and why giving it to him is the best thing that you can do for yourself!

Self-awareness keys: learn why it always goes south in the same “stupid” fights and how to turn it around with the greatest of ease (and plan to grow a bit while you’re at it!)

Step into a more juicy, irresistible and authentic version of yourself (this is the version of YOU your dream guy is dying to meet – even if you’re with him right now!)

Learn how to have your hormones help, rather than hurt, your productivity, focus and moods.


“I have studied a lot and am a gifted healer, so I was
afraid I would be disappointed in your class (as I have
been with others). I wasn’t!
Your approach is fabulous!
I used what I learned with 2 clients today and it
noticeably increased the power of the healing work.”


Lynnet McKenzie, Transformational Healer, Author and Radio Host, Oregon


“In the last few years my creative forces have waned
and I was feeling uninspired. Get S.A.S.S.Y. reminded
me what I have lost touch with.
I laughed and cried all
through the classes.

I love all the reminders. I love the re-awakening.
Thank you so much.”

Ruby Pearl, Designer, Oakland


“This course helped shed 
light on dark corners and merry go rounds that
all my years of 
therapy didn’t enlighten
or allow me to get off the endless
circling. This is powerful stuff, but I think for many of us, there is a lot of
JUNK in the way of seeing, respecting and honoring the other.  This course
helped me get it in rare and important ways.

After a succession of relationships with variously unsatisfying endings, I
just reconnected with a past sweetie. And we are planning to make it

Elizabeth D’Agostino, Nonprofit Executive, New York


“I can see why I am divorced and how to turn it all around.”

Joan Schaefer, JV Specialist, New York


What Get S.A.S.S.Y. is:

Five 1.5-hour lively, instantly-useful audio training classes
1 bonus Question, Answer and Live Laser Coaching class
over 15 accompanying At-Home Practice worksheets to guide your progress

How to get your hands on Get S.A.S.S.Y:


Normally $395 now $97

“Yes, Yes, YES, I’d love 75% off Get S.A.S.S.Y., please ($97)!”



Hold up! Before you click that button …

Want to learn about the other three Self-Study Courses,
in case the Big, Bad Bodacious Bundle is more up your alley?

Well, funny you should ask…


Communication Made Easy: In and Out of the Bedroom

Express yourself elegantly, truly understand your partner, and turn around  “stupid” and “serious” fights in an instant.

Who it’s for:

Ladies and gents who are confounded by the “opposite sex” and for whom communication makes you want to gnaw your own leg off!

Why this  is important for you:

People, communication can be painless. A piece of cake. Spicy, saucy, sweet, strong … even sexy!

Get ready to master elegant communication, especially with the “opposite” species.

Get un-confounded by men: Learn “Man-Speak,” so you can set the tone, be clear and be empowered with men (girl, are they hoping you’ll do this!)

De-Mystifying women: learn what they really want from men (nope, not your credit card) and how to give it to them. Smoothly navigate communication, emotions and getting back in the sack.

A simple road map to your partner’s heart and mind so you can re-solve conflict with the greatest of ease.

How to ask for – and get – more of what you want in daily life as well as between the sheets, in a way that’s a turn-on for you both.

Learn your partner’s Love Languages so you can express your love and care to them in a way they can actually hear it.

Learn why you are always attracted to the wrong person (and how to stop it!)

Creating connection with women: a femme-positive perspective just for men.


“I saw immediate benefits which have continued to
blossom in my life.
With every issue that cropped up,
we were constantly asking, ‘Should we end it, or keep
going?’ We didn’t know our problems were normal.
Without this, we would have assumed we were
incompatible and gone our separate ways. Getting
the right insights and guidance has saved our relationship.”

Steven Munn, Retreat Center Owner, Connecticut


“The Communication Made Easy product was very
powerful for me. In fact, it shook me to the very core.
Looking back on what was going on for me during my

relationship with my ex-husband, I felt that I had no
right to have needs of any sort, let alone communicate
them. How refreshingly simple and liberating it was
to re-frame that in my life right now.

I’ve learned to express my needs in a way that allows people to hear
me and honor my requests.
I’m happy to be able to share this with my
son as he grows and observes, and to be present with his needs.

And I’m so glad I got clear on this before embarking on another
relationship that could have been doomed before it even began.

Thank you!”

Megan Franzen, Mom, Health & Wellness Writer, New York


“I have learned so much from Communication Made
Easy. After a REALLY LONG dry spell, I’d sort of given
up on finding a good relationship, but I’m now with a
man who is great, very loving, caring and thoughtful.

We laugh a lot and he actually says what he feels and
is very sweet; I like him a lot and I love how I feel with

Rosalinda Paez, Chef, New York City & Mexico


What Communication Made Easy is:

3 1.5-hour audio trainings
3 bonus 1-hour audio trainings
A 52-page workbook with class transcripts, exercises and at-home practices
Normally $97, now over 50% off!

Here’s how to Get Communication Made Easy:


“Heck yeah, I want instant access
to all four Self-Study Courses!

Valued at $786. But, for me, a mere $197!”


(That’s Get S.A.S.S.Y., Communication Made Easy,
Powerful Woman AND Partnership and Access to the Experts)



Powerful Woman AND Partnership: Is It Possible?

Give your intuition a voice and get the mindset and tools to transform the power struggle for good!

Who it’s for:

Women who feel like you have to choose between the relationship (or your freedom or creativity) and being yourself. You’ve done so much “work” on yourself that you’re ready for your perfect match … yet at times you doubt that you deserve what you long for.

Why this is important for you:

O Powerful Woman, you’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place for way too long, and frankly, I’d like to help you out of it. You can have it all, and then some.

Get ready for an understanding of relationships power dynamics so you can transform the power struggle once and for all

Keep all of your butt-kicking super-powers, while gaining access to your soft, open, receptive and magnetic aspects

Practice “conscious flirting” as the keys to uncovering your radiance, uncorking your sexiness and reclaiming your confidence

Hear it straight from the mouths of men – get the skinny on body image, communication, PMS, sex, love and commitment

Get your hands on a radical, racy bonus training for men looking to match the uber powerful woman in their life

And a series of provocative bonus interviews with a cadre of powerful women experts, Queen of Pleasure, Mama Gena; woman-centric erotic film-maker, Candida Royalle; Spiritual Cowgirl and author of The Red Book, Sera Beak, and more


“Being joyfully married to a great guy for over six years
is a challenge in itself … add the daily responsibilities of
being a mom and a solo-preneur and something’s got to
give. LiYana’s ‘out-of-the-box’ insights and thought-
provoking practices really helped remind me that I have
the control to juice up my life any time I want.

The Powerful Woman course helped me create a more open space for my
husband and I to talk more intimately about our deepest desires and

I still think back to some of the recommendations and smile! You should
have heard some of the conversations we were having last month!”

Jenn Edden, Transformational Health Coach, New York


“Powerful Woman AND Partnership? Yes, it is possible.
I’m finally in a relationship where I don’t have to give
up anything.

I wish that every guy I’ve ever dated could have access
to this information.
No, I wish that every guy in the
world could have access to this information, as I can
only imagine how much more fulfilling, fun, and fabulous our
relationships and our world would be!”

Jessica Grippo, Dancer, New York


“I can be true to myself while making a special, spicy place for another!”

Elizabeth Levi, Artist, New Jersey


What Powerful Woman AND Partnership is:

Three 1.5-hour audio trainings
Three bonus 1-hour audio trainings
An 82-page workbook with class transcripts, exercises and at-home practices
Normally $97, now over 50% off!

Here’s how to get Powerful Woman AND Partnership in your hands:


“Well, then, I’ll take the Big, Bad, Bodacious Bundle,
four for the silly price of $197.”


(Get S.A.S.S.Y., Communication Made Easy,
Powerful Woman AND Partnership
and Access to the Experts …
would normally be $786 … sheesh!)



‘Access to the Experts’ Series
From the VIP Radiance Inner Circle 2010-2011

A-Z insider secrets for everything from pleasurable weight-loss & igniting your sexual spark to easy organization & unshakable happiness!

Who this is for:

Women who know that in order to rock your powerful, passionate life, day-in and day-out, all areas of your life – your body, food, relationships, sensuality, career, wealth and spirituality – need nourishing, not just one!

Why this is important for you:

This is a “for-women and by-women” potent package of more than 20 cutting-edge trainings and interviews with movers, shakers, thought-leaders and brilliant teachers. These gems and insider secrets have helped make thousands of women’s lives, relationships and businesses soaringly successful.

Warning: prepare to get more radiance, sass and success than you know what to do with.

The Five Steps to Sustainable Happiness with Dr. Aymee Coget

How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind with Karly Pitman, of First Ourselves

All The Good Men Are Taken – and Other Relationship Myths with Relationship Expert and Coach, LiYana Silver

Desire After Divorce: Reignite Your Sexual Spark with Hillary Nicholls

The Look-Good, Feel-Great, Love-Your-Body Lifestyle with author, Victoria Moran

Promote and Preserve Your Fertility: Balance Your Periods and Get Pregnant Naturally Using Only What’s in Your Pantry (and in Your Panties!) with the Vagina Whisperer, Alisa Vitti

The Corporate Escape Plan: Taking the L.E.A.P. into Entrepreneurship with Business Breakthrough Specialist, Monica Shah

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Getting Organized with Organization and Productivity Mentor, Alison Marks

Wealthy Woman Breakthrough: Live from 100% Faith for More Money, Less Stress and a Profound Spiritual Connection with Reverend Karen Russo

Reforming Your Inner Mean Girl with author, Christine Arylo

And more!


“These interviews have helped me start de-prioritizing things in my life
that are creating overwhelm and sucking me dry.”

Michelle Sorensky, Internet Project Manager, Santa Rosa


“What a line up to inspire women to live lives full of love, bliss, beauty
and happiness and allowing their desires to lead the way!”

Alicia Rodrigues, from Twitter


What the ‘Access To The Experts’ Series is:

Over 20 cutting-edge audio trainings
Formerly only available to VIP Radiance Inner Circle members
Formerly $197, now over 75% off!.


How to get you some ‘Access To The Experts’:


“Four courses for less than the price of one? Done!”

“Gimme Get S.A.S.S.Y., Communication Made Easy,
Powerful Woman AND Partnership
and Access to the Experts for $197
and make it zippy!

I’d prefer not to shell out the normal $786.
Thanks anyway.”


So, that’s it, folks.

If this No-Frills, No-Bull, For-No-Reason Mid-Summer Fire Sale is bopping you over the head as a no-brainer, I am overjoyed that some of my best work will be stowing away in your handbag, taking up residence in your heart and readying you for some magnificent transformation.


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Devour these Self-Study Courses, and don’t forget to be in touch to let me know what they are making possible for you in your brilliant life.



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“Click HERE for Get S.A.S.S.Y. for $97, puh-leez.”


“Click HERE cuz Big, Bad and Bodacious is for me.

Four powerhouse programs for $197 instead of just one? Done!”